You are not even going to believe this:

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That’s right! I’m going to the Dominican Republic with Operation Christmas Child to help deliver the 100 millionth shoebox!

And does anyone remember where my World Vision sponsored child is from? That’s right! The Dominican Republic! There is a chance I’ll get to see my sweet Mari Luz again.

I have seen the power of simply packing shoeboxes on this side. I cannot wait to see what delivering shoeboxes can do. Will you pray for my trip? Pray for the kids that receive the boxes? I’ll be gone December 4-8 and I will treasure your prayers.

So, who packed a shoebox? Maybe I’ll get to deliver yours!


  1. How AWESOME!! We packed our shoeboxes, and the DR is near and dear to our family’s heart, too!! Have fun and I will be praying for all involved!!

  2. SOOOO exciting! I have chills and butterflies having read this! What an opportunity and blessing! Prayers for sure sweet sister! Go and shine your light!

  3. Oh, this is fantastic!!!! Congratulations, Amanda! Having just returned from the DR, it is constantly on my mind and my heart. Such precious kids there. Hope you have an incredible time (as I am sure that you will!).

  4. That’s amazing! What an awesome blessing that will be. I want to see a video of it!!

  5. Wahoooo! Congrats! Can’t wait to hear your stories.

  6. ooohhh, that IS super awesome! what a fantastically neat opportunity. many blessing all along the way!

    my kids and i packed 2 boxes for the first time this year (i finally was proactive and did it before the deadline!) we also used the new online donation tool to get a bar code — so now we anxiously await to hear where our boxes end up in the world!

  7. This is the BEST news and makes me so happy. I’m so, so excited for you two! Can’t wait to follow along!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This is awesome! I’m so excited for you!

  9. lori hattendorf says:

    I will be praying for your trip. we just got back last week from domin rep. It was so good to go there. And i was able to see my sponder child there

  10. 🙂 Congrats! found you from Muthering Heights… Love this! I will be praying for you both. What an honor!

    My kids and I packed shoe boxes …. so much fun! Have a great trip!

  11. One can not like this enough!

  12. I am so excited for you! One of my friends works for Samaritans and has the privilege to deliver the boxes….it’s a beautiful experience watching children open boxes that God has specially created for them! We packed ours ….my children ask daily when they will be delivered! Thank you for stepping out to be part of this amazing adventure!

  13. What an incredible blessing and an opportunity to see your Mari Luz again! I cannot imagine the outpouring of love and joy when those kids open those boxes. Enjoy, enjoy, and we’ll be praying for your trip!

  14. wonderful news!!!

  15. This is totally beyond exciting! What an amazing opportunity!

  16. Marlleen Montelongo says:

    What an amazing opportunity!! Will be praying for you!!

  17. Beth Zeimet says:

    I love to see the way God works and moves in Peoples lives. I will be praying for your trip!” But now I come to you, and theses things I speak in the world, that they may have joy fulfilled in themselves.” JOHN 17:13

  18. OH I am so jealous!!!! Wish I could come. 🙂 Have a wonderful time!

  19. Beverly Carr says:

    How awesome is your news! Yes, my family packed 3 shoeboxes this year . Our church is a drop off point, and my husband and I have had the privilege of packing the boxes for shipment. What a joy to see “the other side- the receiving side! Prayers for traveling mercies and a safe trip!

  20. Very exciting!!! You are right in the thick of what God’s doing! So cool! 🙂 Will be lifting you up in prayer!

  21. Angela Billups Smith says:

    We sent shoeboxes!! I even did the “track your shoebox” so we can find out where it went! I am just so excited to do this with my kids this year. And I am THRILLED for you to get this precious opportunity to deliver these boxes to DR!! My brother/friend & his family are running an orphanage & medical clinic in DR very close to the border of Haiti. So DR is near & dear to my heart as well. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip & will definitely be praying for you!!

    • How cool, Angela! I’d love to know the name of it. You never know, we might be delivering boxes there!


      • Angela Billups Smith says:

        My dear friends are John & Melissa Hanley (the most fun /funny & loving people you’ll ever meet!)who are part of CHADASHA :
        Located in the Dominican Repbulic, Jimaní is on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. While our ministry is based out of the Chadasha Complex, our work takes place on and off campus in the communities surrounding Jimaní.
        Our primary areas of ministry include Medical Clinic, Orphanage, Child Sponsorship, Batey 41 Church and School, Jimaní Preschool, Prosthetics Ministry

  22. That’s so amazing Amanda! I have a Compassion child in the Dominican Republic! This year, I really wanted to make some OCC boxes with the kids, but without a vehicle, was finding it hard to actually get out and get the boxes and buy the supplies. Thankfully, I think God heard my heart and my mom picked some up and decided to do them with all the grandkids – yay! I think it was a fun experience for them. 🙂

  23. That’s awesome! Congrats!

  24. What fun! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Recently a customer ordered a sweet little rag doll to send to her sponsor child in Bolivia.

  25. This is soooo exciting Amanda!! Our Compassion daughter is from the DR too! Can’t wait to hear more!

  26. Wow!! Very cool. We packed two this year!


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