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Lisa Jo has been encouraging us to write our story. This has been an appropriate call as I’ve been honing my purpose on this blog, this space. I’ve been writing online for more than 6 years. I’ve written about Lost and purple and books. I’ve written about birthday parties, crafts and sisterchicks.

But now I want to write the real story–the story of my children finding God, His Word, His love and His plans. I want my story to be the story that inspires you. The story that mirrors your own as you lead your own children to Him.

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This weekend, I was around 450 women who write their own stories. Who write big dreams about homeschooling, crafting, designing, working, being a woman, a mother, a wife, a dreamer. God’s Word weaves in and out of all of their faces, their fingers and their hearts. God gave the internet to these women as a gift, a platform and a megaphone.

As I think about this platform, I imagine the land beside it. My kids playing in the grass, my house, my friends, my family all around. And I see myself stepping off this platform to play, to teach, to love. I imagine stepping off and walking back in time, to sitting in our old house when Lydia was almost 2. We made little Christmas ornaments about Jesus’ birth and I taught her the story of the greatest gift of all.

Years later I was able to step back up on that platform and show everyone how to do the same thing-introduce their babies to Jesus!

What sticks out to me in my imagination is that in the time of being off the platform is when God moved in me the most. My time loving, living and serving my family, friends and home are when God does something great in me, creates in me. My platform is just a teeny tiny square–one I love and feel that God built with gleaming wood and nails just for me. I’m honored to stand on it and shout to all who might hear.

I imagine when I’m finished shouting, God takes my hand like a gentleman and leads me back to the grass with my family. He weaves me in and out of life, never letting go, showing me how to live and act and love. He’s writing the story so I can occasionally step on the platform and tell it to others.

I’m ponying up with Lisa Jo to tell you some of the Mommy. Bloggers. who are standing on their little platforms in the middle of the grass and told their story. The ones dear to me and changing me…

Kat from Inspired to Action who made me get up early and changed my life with that discipline.

Lisa Jo who invites everyone into the (in)crowd.

Heather from Cultivated Lives who inspires me with her purposeful home.

Janna from Mustard Seeds who encourages me to step up my creativity in teaching my kids God’s Word.

Carisa from 1+1+1=1 who led me to homeschool my children and continues to lead me in wanting to do His will.

These are only 5 of many fabulous women who have stood on a platform and shouted their message directly to my heart.

Who have you heard? Add a link to your favorite blogger in the comments–one who has used their story to bless you!

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ps: the newest {free} printable Scripture art is up on the Facebook page for Chapter 3 of my book, Praying God’s Word for Your Kids. This is one of my favorite verses and honestly, kinda goes with this post today, too! Sneak peek—>

Free Printable Scripture Art from

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  1. So many! The internet has connected me to wonderful kindred spirits who make me feel less alone, more free and more creative every day.

    Emily Freeman @ and her book Grace for the Good Girl have done so much to encourage me to rest in Christ and what he has done. To relax into him and his love for me, and to let go of my people-pleasing ways.

    Her sister the Nester @ amazes me. How does she write a design blog that addresses my heart issues on a daily basis? Amazing. This post still comes to mind on a weekly basis: So does this one:

    Patsy Clairmont has been such a blessing to me. I illustrated her latest children’s book, Sleep Sweet, and have never felt so creatively freed. Her words were like creative medicine to the insecure artist inside of me.

    Through this 31 Days series I have also come to love Lisa Jo and coming here Amanda. What a blessing.

  2. It was great to meet you in the elevator for a few minutes :0) Thank you for your ministry here, through Truth in the Tinsel and Praying for our Kids!

    I was really touched and influenced by Trina Holden’s story – really, all of these bloggers in these spaces have encouragement to offer, but her story at Allume from last year is where I am at now! Hands and heart emptied of self and seeking filling with him.

  3. ” He’s writing the story so I can occasionally step on the platform and tell it to others.” Love that!

    So thankful for you. You’re definitely on my list!

  4. You are a gem. Next year, though, I’m stealing you away for coffee so we can have a nice long chat.

  5. I came here excited to see your ‘update’ from Allume. I’ve been wanting to attend for several years and the timing just hasn’t been right yet. I was so inspired as I read (as usual) and then so touched when you mentioned me. {blushing}

    I am so thankful for the way we can encourage, inspire and spur one another on as we take a brief break from our everyday lives – where ministry is lived out each moment to ‘stand on our platform’ and share a bit with those around us. Thanks for encouraging us! 🙂

  6. The word “platform” intimidates the heck out of me. When I sit down to post, I end up running & screaming from the blog because of I think I should have a platform, but I really don’t feel like I have a platform, so I feel like “why bother?!”…

    … all that to say that I love your story. 🙂

  7. Sounds like it was a great time for everyone!! Bummed I missed out. I’m loving hearing about all the great things that everyone learned while they were there. Carisa’s was the very first homeschool website/blog that I encountered before I ever thought I would homeschool my girls, which I’m still surprised I am doing!

  8. Ladies, I’m hoping you can help me. I am the Founder of an Online Women’s Ministry, and we are in search of a Christian blogger who blogs about Homeschooling, and / or Frugal Living. We feel this type of blogging would fit in perfectly with our ministry. If you know someone who is a current blogger, or has experience in blogging, about Homeschooling, and/or Frugal Living, please send them my way. My email address is I would appreciate any help you can offer. THANK YOU!!!

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