Have You Made The Switch?

In case you haven’t made the switch or missed our Backyard Party at my new bloggy space, here’s a wrap of of the fun this week!

  1. an airplane costume from Wearables by Kid Constructions (Four winners!)
  2. an 11×13 print from Hope Ink (+a 15% discount code for you!)
  3. the Redeemed scarf, I Am His necklace and Treasured bracelet from Dayspring
  4. books from Vicki Courtney {5 Conversations to Have With Your Daughter/Son}
  5. a Plywood People mesenger bag + Planning a Fabulous Party without Losing Your Mind ebook + Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule ebook + Truth in the Tinsel ebook + 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess book + What’s in the Bible? DVD. (<–that’s hecka stuff!)

And don’t forget to download your FREE ebook from me, Praying God’s Word for Your Kids! I’m going to start reading it during my #hellomornings on Monday and sharing some of the prayers and activities on our Facebook page. Each week, I’ll introduce two of the free printable Scripture art downloads to go along with the prayers. We can pray together–it will be awesome!

Praying God's Word for Your Kids ebook FREE at ohAmanda.com

To get your free ebook, just sign up for my NEW not-so-daily updates via email or feedreader. When you get your first email (or check the posts in your feedreader), you’ll see a link to download the book. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Next week, I’ll be merging all the Impress Your Kids posts into my new blog, ohAmanda.com and there will be no more updates for this account! I want to keep in touch, so make sure you subscribe over there (and get your free ebook!).




  1. Wow, that’s for the FREE ebook. That’s so generous of you! I will tell my friends to download your free ebook as well. Keep on sharing your thoughts, ideas and more ebooks too!


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