Send Your Sponsored Child a Book {Impress Your SPONSORED Kids}

Send your sponsored child a BOOK!

This is the most horrifying post I’ve ever written. I’m going to tell you to tear up a book.

Can you believe it?!

It’s just that I’ve found the most perfect book ever for our sponsored kids and I just have to send it to them! I’ve posted about The See With Me Bible before and a few months ago, I found a used copy at the thrift store. I grabbed it up and then was totally disappointed that one of the pages were ripped.

Send your sponsored child a BOOK!

However, that big rip gave me a fantastic idea! I could rip out the pages one by one and send them to our kids in Burkina Faso and the Dominican Republic. This book doesn’t have any words (well, a few English words at the very end) and has so many fabulous details it’s perfect for all languages.

Send your sponsored child a BOOK!

We carefully tore out a few pages, folded them up and are sending them to our sponsored kids. If you ever find a See With Me Bible at the thrift store, grab it up! You can give your sponsored kids a Bible no matter what language they speak.

Your challenge (should you choose to accept it) is to find a book to rip up and send to your kids. OK. That might be a little impossible. But keep your eyes open for books, sticker or even postcards with no words so your child can enjoy them no matter what language they speak.

Don’t forget to check out my Flat Crafts for Sponsored Kids Pinterest board. There are several contributors who have found some great ideas.

Who’s gonna write their sponsored kids today?

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Don’t sponsor a kid? Check out Compassion or World Vision and change the life of a child!

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The Backyard Party has been rescheduled for Monday. I’ll update here so you can click over to the fun. Squeeee!


  1. When we get the letter from our Sponsored Child with her grades it often says she has a low english reading grade. Do you think it would be ok to send her a book with some english?

  2. What a FUN and PERFECT idea!!! 🙂 About how many pages do you send at a time? And, did you start with a letter that said something like, “Save these pages, for they’ll eventually make a book.” (Although I’m assuming they save everything sent by their sponsor anyways.)
    Always so encouraged by you!

  3. I love this idea!!! Can’t wait to find some books to tear up. 🙂

  4. Great idea! If you go to, you can also print out any part of the bible in your child’s language. I am sending the Christmas story from the bible this month (since it takes 2 months to get to her and will be arriving around Christmas) along with some nativity scene stickers.

  5. What a fun idea!!! I am actually going to the Dominican Republic next month and am looking forward to meeting Compassion and World Vision sponsored kids! Have you ever met your sponsored kids? Mine is in Honduras and I pray that I will get to meet her someday.
    Praying for your blog relaunch!

    • How cool! Why are you going to the DR? With who? Where exactly?


      • I’m traveling with 5 other women from my church who have never been on an international missions trip. We are going through an organization called Lifetree Adventures and will be delivering backpacks and Spanish New Testaments to kids (the backpacks that were made during the Pandamania VBS!). We will mostly be in Santo Domingo, but will travel to a more rural area on one of the days to work at a World Vision site. Can’t wait to see what God wants to accomplish in and through us!
        I will be at Allume this year- will you? If there is any chance that I would be able to meet your sponsored child, I would be more than happy to deliver a package directly! Crazy how small the world is becoming, isn’t it?!!

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