Christmas in a Box

Operation Christmas Child

Do you know what this is?

Well, yes, it’s my messy basement.

But do you know what those two big boxes hold?


Inside those boxes are hundreds of gifts for needy kids. We’ve been collecting socks, flip flops, school supplies, toys, crafts and dolls ever since last Christmas. Target and Michael’s are our favorite as they regularly do 70% off their dollar section. Wal-mart also has some good deals in the kids’ clothing department!

pack a shoebox for operation christmas child

In just a few weeks (November 12-19) we’ll be taking all those toys and putting them into regular sized shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child! If you’ve been around here for even five minutes you know that I love Operation Christmas Child.

It’s an easy way to give, it’s low commitment, it impacts my own children and it has the potential to change the life of a child somewhere in the world. When boxes are brought into a town, they open up a door for the Gospel. Churches and other organizations can suddenly get into subcultures and groups they couldn’t before.

Here, watch this. See how your small gift can be so big…

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It’s just so typical of God, isn’t it? Using the small to bring big change. Using something cheap and breakable to make an everlasting, unchanging difference. Looking at those kids open up those boxes and hold those toys reminds me of the boxes in our basement. Somewhere a child will hold those same toys we’ve collected and it could be the start of a new life in their community, their family and their heart!

I know it’s only October but get ready, Pinterest is already talking about Christmas plans and decorations. Yikes! The National Packing week for OCC is in less than six weeks away. Show your kids some more of the videos about Operation Christmas Child, start scouring the 70% section at your local store and get ready to involve your kids in life-change!

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Have you ever packed a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child?

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  1. I love Operation Christmas Child! And I can’t believe it is that time of the year again:) Thanks for sharing this, blessings!

  2. I’ve been busy organizing this at our local MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group! Such a great way to give back, plus get our kids involved!

  3. Love Operation Christmas child!

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