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DIY Beanbags For People Who Don’t Sew & Aren’t Too Crafty

Ever since I made that David and Goliath beanbag for Asa, he wants to make beanbags. He clearly has me confused with someone who knows how to sew or make adorable fabric crafts. But because we’re back into Mommy-and-Asa days, he keeps bringing up beanbags. After we drop Lydia off at school, I’ll ask, “What […]

The Grand ReOpening of The Mercy House Shop

Have you ever watched God work through someone? Or work in their life? And it’s so obviously God? Something so big and real that it is just so definitely supernatural? I have. I watched Kristen go to Kenya. While she was there, God broke changed opened her. And soon, she and her family opened Mercy […]

Diligent with Diligence

This morning, I was planning on getting up about 6:15 and about 2 minutes before then I heard Asa yelling for me upstairs. He usually calls my husband in the morning, so this was unusual (and early!). I ran upstairs and he said, “I threw up!” Sure enough, his bed and pajamas were covered in […]

Celebrating, Singing & Delighting

I love holidays on Facebook. At Christmas everyone posts pictures of kids in pajamas covered in wrapping paper. Thanksgiving is usually full of updates about favorite foods. And for a few weeks in August and September, I love seeing everyone’s first day of school photos! All the parents are proud and exclaiming over how much […]

dotMom {& a roadtrip to Birmingham!}

You know we used to live in Birmingham, right? That’s Alabama for those of you that aren’t familiar with your Southern geography. And can I tell you something? Birmingham is Southern. It’s more Southern than Atlanta. I can’t put my finger on it, but it has something to do with big bows, smocking and monograms. […]