Grandpa’s Handwriting

Yesterday my mom gave me an envelope from 1978. Inside was a stock certificate. For my 1st birthday, my Grandfather bought me 40 shares in a company that developed the first ATM. I should be a millionaire, right? Sadly, my mom traded it for stock in a company that made 3D cameras.

Regardless of my lost cash, today I was excited because I had something really valuable–my grandfather’s handwriting! My grandfather was a farm boy turned business man, but he should have been an architect. He was an artist and had the best, most perfect penmanship. I love looking at it because in this day of emails and texts, it is so personal. I feel connected with him just looking at it.

Using written words can be powerful because of that personal touch. Sometimes words can come across more gentle, more eloquent and with less hesitation on paper. Words are an excellent way for parents to talk to their kids. I want my kids to know my handwriting, yes, but I really want them to know my heart when they see my handwriting.

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  1. What a great reminder. We don’t often hand write much anymore. We need to do more of it.

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