Six Months Later…

Well, hello there! Remember I told you I might be back for Asa’s birthday party in September? Well, here it is two days before Asa’s birthday and I’m posting! On ohAmanda! Like actual blogging!

I’m here because I’ve got a big announcement–no, not a baby. Or a farm. But some fun news nonetheless. And I thought I’d tell you with my real live voice today. Ready? (It’s only 2 minutes, can you hang for 2 minutes?)

Oh. And in case you were wondering, the alternate title of this vlog is:


So, what do you think?

Ready for some more ohAmanda-ness?!


  1. First, it was GREAT to see your smiling face and hear your voice. I seriously miss you.

    Second, SO EXCITED to hear what’s coming. I miss the OhAmanda part of you (although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Impress Your Kids part of you), and so I’m excited to see it coming back. I can’t wait to see how you merge the two.

    Third, you rock.

  2. Yay!

  3. So exciting! 🙂

    I found myself smiling for the entire video. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for October 1st (and beyond)!

  4. Yay!! This is going to be fun & exciting!

  5. Yay! Sounds very cool! Can’t wait!

  6. Who-hooooooooooooooo!!!!! I’m so excited!!! I’m such a sit-on-the-front-porch-and-talk kind of girl. 🙂

    Also, your hair looks cute in this video! 😀 (priorities, priorities…)


  7. Sounds like a blast!!! 🙂

  8. First of all you look great, and second- Let’s Party!

  9. yay! You’re back! ^.^


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