Celebrating, Singing & Delighting

I love holidays on Facebook. At Christmas everyone posts pictures of kids in pajamas covered in wrapping paper. Thanksgiving is usually full of updates about favorite foods. And for a few weeks in August and September, I love seeing everyone’s first day of school photos! All the parents are proud and exclaiming over how much their kids have grown while the kids look nervous, excited and neatly dressed!

Our first day of school pictures took two days…keep reading at the Tommy Nelson blog…

bible craft


  1. They look so excited! What a great start to a new school year:)

    Love the activities you’ve done so far – my daughter started Kindergarten, so between school and work, we’ve been trying to fit in some extra things too – tracing their bodies and hanging them on the wall is great (I used to do a similar thing with my students at school).

    Thanks for sharing all your ideas – your celebratory enthusiasm is quite contagious:)

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