First Day of First Grade

I dropped my sweet girl off at first grade today. FIRST GRADE?! How is this even possible? She has grown up so much since the first day of Kindergarten it is unbelievable! My tends-to-be-shy daughter wasn’t even really nervous this morning. She said, “I’m not usually nervous on the first day of school. Just at Open House.” (Open House was last Friday and she was happy to discover her desk is right next to her BFF and the new girl!) I’m so thankful to the Lord for our cool school and for our first day of homeschool tomorrow!

Oh yeah, Rebecca is ready for school, too. (Lydia was actually probably more excited about Rebecca’s look-alike uniform I scored on ebay than going to school herself!)

So, what is the First Day of School like at your house?

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  1. Her expression is simply precious! We’ve never done an ‘official first day of school’. although we were in such need of a firm break back in May that we had our first very special ‘last day’ celebration!

  2. I came here thinking something else, but this enthused me regardless. Inspiring stuff!

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  19. Aw. Growing up! The part-school, part-homeschool schedule must have worked well last year — you’re doing it again! Wish there was something like that here. Lydia is pretty as ever.

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