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It’s Impress Your SPONSORED Kids time! I have to admit that it feels like we just did this a week ago, because it took me forever to finish our flags and get them mailed off. But, we did it! That’s what matters, right?

writing to your sponsored children
Speaking of our flags, the kids and I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics (about 8 days late) mainly so we could see the parade of nations. And they were so incredibly jazzed to see Burkina Faso where are two Compassion kids are and Dominican Republic where our World Vision daughter is. They were literally dancing around the room chanting, “Dominican Repub-lic, Dominican Repub-lic!” I love that they are connected with our kids’ countries!

Today the kids are going to spend the night with my parents (one last Grandparent adventure before school starts!) while my husband and I are going to the movies, out to eat and yes, even spend the night at a hotel. The dinner is with a giftcard, we the hotel and basically, I’m going to sleep all day tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Anywhoo. The above paragraph is to give you my excuse for not making a big craft today for our sponsored kids. In lieu of a craft, I want to show you how both World Vision and Compassion make letter-writing easy for you.

Did you know you can email your sponsored kids?!

Here’s a mini World Vision emailing tutorial for you…

First sign into (or create an account for) My WorldVision. You’ll see all the info you’ll ever need about your child, your account and even your tax records! Look at how pretty my Mari Luz is! Now, to email her all I have to do is click SEND AN EMAIL.

how to email your world vision kids

That’s it! Then just type to your heart’s content and send! (Aren’t you glad I did a tutorial for you on this? I’m sure you would have never figured it out without me!)

What’s cool on the World Vision site is that they have some sample letters for you to use as inspiration–introducing yourself, thanking them for their letter and more. It’s really nice to have a guide, especially if you’re just beginning this new relationship!

Now, if you have a Compassion child, go to Compassion and sign into your account. It will bring up your Account Summary. Click WRITE MY CHILD…

how to email your compassion child

Then your adorable children’s faces will pop up. Pick one to write…

how to email your sponsored child compassion

And then follow the steps through a template, text and even the option to upload a picture!

send an email to your compassion child

It will be emailed and printed for your child. Isn’t that fun?

And seriously, how easy is that?!

So, your mission today is to EMAIL YOUR SPONSORED CHILD! It’s that easy! Leave a comment, or update on Facebook to let us know you’ve done it! You can even add a screenshot so we can all see how cute your sponsored child is!

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If you don’t sponsor a child yet, I invite you to do so! Look through the faces at Compassion or World Vision and see who God might bring to your family.

To get to know more about World Vision, you can follow a team of bloggers to Sri Lanka on August 26-September 1st. I’m so excited to read about their journey as they meet their sponsored children and see what World Vision is doing in communities around Sri Lanka! Click over to the World Vision Bloggers site so you can follow along!

world vision blogging trip to sri lanka
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  1. I’m going to admit that I cheated last month and printed out flags and glued them to construction paper. 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend getaway!!

  2. I love your heart for the children! Thank you for the inspiration to email the sponsored kid.

    We love to send our World Vision sponsored boy letters and some little gifts for him and his family. But, I am thinking to try to send him email, too.


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