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Stuff for Saturday

It’s Saturday! It’s kinda gloomy here, but I like rainy, sleepy days. Too bad my kids get stir-crazy. This past week we’ve been playing lots with our cousins–my sister-in-law (and fam) live in Mexico as missionaries  and are in the states for a month. The kids love playing together (aren’t my nieces adorable?)  and Asa […]

Olympic Flags & Sponsored Kids

Did I tell you Asa is taking tumbling? Well, it’s ridiculously cute. While Lydia and I wait on him, we have time to look at all the older kids practice gymnastics. They are flipping all over the place and so strong! I was explaining to Lydia that we could watch gymnastics in the Olympics and […]

Pray for South Sudan

On Sunday I was at Target (alone!) and stopped to tweet this: It is like a family tradition that anytime we see a 70% off sign at Target or Michael’s we stop and buy a basket full of stuff. When everything is only 30 cents, you can buy almost 75 different pieces for $25! We […]

Our Summer: Explorers {Atlanta Children's Museum}

A few weeks ago we met up with Vanessa from Silly Eagle Books and her girls to visit the Children’s Museum in Atlanta. Do you have a children’s museum in your area? THEY ARE SO FUN. The first time I went (several years ago, when Lydia was small), I had no idea what it was. […]

So Good I Could Cry!

l-r, top to bottom: went to the Braves game with my in-laws, Lydia learned to tie her shoes, Lydia and I were in our local July 4th parade with her dance class and Asa started tumbling classes! Last night I told Les I needed the night off. So, after we ate dinner (crustless quiche in […]

I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy

When I don’t post, I get kind of nervous. It’s the old, I-hope-the-internet-doesn’t-forget-about-me lie. Yesterday I really wanted to sit down and write, but I just couldn’t. My brain, my heart and my spirit were…heavy. It was one of those days where even thought I vacuumed the house, had dinner ready to go in the […]

Camp Primo 2012

The absolute highlight of the kids’ summer is Camp Primo. This is the cousin camp my parents plan (and execute) every year. It’s just for the grandkids–all three of them. And the details of the trip are highly confidential. That is, until the Camp Primo Parent Program on the last day. I can’t really give […]