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A few days before Asa was born, I read a little book in one sitting. It’s called The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam. Even now, almost 4 years later, I can hardly write the emotions inside me when I think about this book. It’s the story of a young Cambodian girl (Somaly Mam), who is sold into prostitution. She lived through untold horrors. Miraculously, she survived and now runs her own organization to rescue child victims of sex-trafficking who are enslaved in brothels.

(Honestly, I have a lump in my throat right now.)

Somaly Mam is not the only girl who was kidnapped and abused. Today nearly 30,000 girls are enslaved in Cambodia alone. Girls as young as 3 are sold to men for thousands of dollars. They are captured, beaten, raped and more.

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I’ve hooked up with Sevenly to help support Somaly Mam’s organization. Do you know about Sevenly? It’s a super-cool site that sells a new t-shirt every week. Each shirt is designed specifically to show support for a mission or organization. $7 from every t-shirt sold is given to that organization. It’s a cool way to raise awareness and actually support an organization.

What makes this week even cooler is that for this week only, they are doubling the donation and $14 from every tee (and tote bags) will go to the Somaly Mam foundation. And not just to a general pool in their foundation either, the $14 will be slated specifically for an undercover investigation and brothel raid to rescue girls. Your $14 will rescue a little girl!!

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I know I just posted about South Sudan last week, but when this Somaly Mam and Sevenly partnership came by me, I had to show it to you. When I think of my precious Lydia sold and abused, I cannot imagine anything ANYTHING more important than rescuing her. So, I want to help those precious girls who have no one to rescue them. I want to rescue them the best way I can from my comfy home in the United States, by giving to people who are there and able to rescue them,

There are only 3 days left of this shirt & campaign. So, will you buy a shirt or tote? And when you wear it, will you pray for the girls you rescued? That they will meet, know and love their true Rescuer?

{and will you give one of these pictures a PIN to spread the word? thanks, friends!}

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Note: Somaly Mam’s organization is not a Christian ministry. Sevenly is founded by Christians and has worked with many Christian ministries like Compassion International. I do trust Sevenly and have always had a heart for Somaly Mam’s work. (See my review of her book.) A quick Google search will help you find other Christian ministries that are working to abolish sex-trafficking and rescue girls in Jesus’ name, if you’d like to get involved with them.

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  1. I was at a conference once and heard about the horrors of sex-trafficking. Though not the same organization, it produced the same feelings in me. I would be happy to buy a shirt to support the cause. Thanks for sharing!!

    Lindsey @

  2. I have cried on and off all weekend after reading this post. I have prayed for those precious babies and girls. We have a three year old and ten year old little girl. I am sickened to think of them enslaved this way. Clicking on the link now.

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