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Today we ate lunch on the floor. When I said, “Why don’t we eat on the rug today?”, the kids were squealing with delight. I didn’t offer this because I was trying to be a super fun mom. I did it because the kitchen table was littered with craft supplies. I just didn’t want to clean it up before we ate!

As we lay on the floor talking, the kids asked about Fifi and Fluffy. Fifi and Fluffy are a fictitious dog and cat I made up when my daughter was potty training. In order to keep her sitting on the potty, I’d tell her stories about Fifi and Fluffy. Basically, the animal duo would just do what my daughter had done that day, but told from their perspective, she thought it was riveting! (And in turn, stayed on the potty!)

Today, I told the kids a story about how Fifi and Fluffy built a clubhouse and had a picnic inside it (my kids have a fascination with clubhouses). After my story, my son told one about two frogs. Then my daughter told one about her cousins. There weren’t the most interesting stories, but it was so fun watching them show off their story-telling skills in front of each other.

Now, I don’t know for sure, but I think when they have their own kids, they are going to be telling Fifi and Fluffy stories. It’s just one of those things that our family does. We tell stories. About made up dog and cat best friends.

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