Olympic Flags & Sponsored Kids

olympics gymnastics
Did I tell you Asa is taking tumbling? Well, it’s ridiculously cute. While Lydia and I wait on him, we have time to look at all the older kids practice gymnastics. They are flipping all over the place and so strong! I was explaining to Lydia that we could watch gymnastics in the Olympics and she said, “What’s the Olympics?”

So, now I am on a mission to make sure my kids get into the Olympics this year! I showed them videos online, downloaded I Can Teach My Child’s new {free} Olympics craft ebook, and even bought a homeschool unit study about the Olympics. (I told you, I’m serious about it!)

Anywhoo. When it came time to make a craft for our sponsored kids, I thought it would be fun to see if their countries will be in the Olympics. And sure enough, they are–two athletes from Burkina Faso and over a dozen from the Dominican Republic. The kids are the most excited to see gymnasts, archers and the swimmers from Burkina Faso! (Which makes my heart SO happy!)

To go along with this (and just in time for our Impress Your SPONSORED Kids challenge today), we are making flags of Burkina Faso, the Dominican Republic and the United States of America (USA! USA! USA!). It’s super simple–just grab some construction paper, glue and some scissors. Oh, and you’ll need a computer to look up your child’s country’s flag!

flag craft

The Burkina Faso flag is pretty easy (and look! it even has a star! I had to go back and watch my own tutorial on how to cut a star. Ahem.)

flag craft

I have to be honest, the kids are asleep as I’m writing this post. So, I cut out all the pieces of the flags and am going to have them glue them when they get up in the morning. And I think I’ll have them tape the USA flat to the back of the other flag, then our sponsored kids will see how close we feel to them! I’ll update Facebook with pictures as soon as our masterpieces are finished.

And that’s it: your challenge if you choose to accept it is to make a simple flag to send to your child. I’d love to see how many flags we can make–please upload them on Facebook so we can encourage each other.

For you non-crafty folks, why not grab an extra box of colorful band-aids next time you’re at the store. Throw a few of those in a letter and tell your kids you’re praying for God’s protection for them! (And uhm, have you seen these awesome bandages?)

If you haven’t sponsored a child, yet, what are you waiting for? Visit Compassion or World Vision to find a child to join with your family and with your heart! You (and they) will never be the same!

Oooh, I added some contributors to our Flat Crafts for Sponsored Kids Pinterest Board. So much good stuff!

bible craft

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  1. Very cool idea! This month, I am sending my little girl a few crafts from my church’s VBS (I work at it and am allowed to take the extra crafts) along with some of the memory verses that we learned at VBS. I thought it would be a neat way to involve her in what I am doing. I really like the olympics idea too since countries all around the world are involved in it. I’ll have to mention that in my letter this month too.

    • Oooh, good idea! Leftover VBS crafts is awesome. Which gives me another idea of church crafts–my kids go to 2 services every week so they make 2 crafts. That might be something to send our sponsored kids!


  2. Very cool! 🙂 I’m excited that my kids are old enough this year to watch and slightly understand the Olympics. My older girl already loves watching gymnastics on TV (we’ve been watching some of the Olympic trials 🙂 ). I think we’ll decorate our house with Olympic rings and American flags starting the last week in July.

  3. Amanda, I always LOVE your ideas. I think putting the flags back to back is a great idea! Now, I need to check on some flags. 🙂 Thanks for all you do to encourage us moms!

  4. love, love, love this idea. I’m off to figure out how to find out if our country is represented. I’m sure it is and I know my boys would love to be on the lookout for any athletes from Peru!

    • It’s a perfect connection, isn’t it? Maybe we’ll make another Burkina Faso and Dominican Republic flag for ourselves to wave during the Olympics. 🙂

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