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Even in the midst of our Summer o’Fun (you know it makes me laugh every time I write that), I’ve been purposeful in keeping our days slow and simple. One day last week all the kids did was do puzzles (like every single puzzle we own) and then they dressed up like Laura and Almanzo and played in the backyard. Oh, and they called me Ma the rest of the day. It was lovely.

{beware of sudden subject shifts below}

I’ve made some new blogging friends lately. I’m in love with this post from Talysa at Mosaic of Grace. It’s for her daughter’s 12th birthday. And it makes me feel so hopeful about my future twelve year old (only 6 more years!!).

Have you ever had deep hurt? And then restoration? (Or do you need some?) This post, A Redeemed Heart {& Building} from Mary Carver is just spot on.

Even though summer is for playing, sometimes it’s hard for me to get down on my own two knees and actually play WITH the kids. Check out I Can Teach My Child’s awesome 30 for 30 Challenge to play with your kids for 30 minutes a day! (Especially this Tinfoil River! Holy guacamole, my kids would love that!)

I love eating as a family. (Really, I just love eating period.) At dinner, we pray before we eat. But the kids never want to pray. What is that about? The last few days we’ve been doing repeat prayers at the table to get the kids used to praying out loud. And then I ran across this perfect post at Our Family for His Glory about What to Do When My Child Does Not Want To Pray Part 1 and Part 2. A must read, friends!

And of course, I’m a sucker for a book list. Here’s a fab list of wordless books from Cultivated Lives.

So, got anything fun I should read this weekend? Feel free to leave a link in the comments! I meet even share it on Facebook for you!

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  1. That is hard for me too–actually PLAYING with my kids. I set up crafts with the best of them, and love to go on outings, but when it comes to hide and seek…. well, I need some work! Headed to check out the articles now!

  2. Oh my gosh, the posts on children being reluctant to pray– fabulous!!



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