Our Summer: Atlanta Botanical Garden

kids summer garden

Our summer fun has begun! I told you we have tickets to almost every fun thing in Atlanta and we have already started using them. I hope you don’t mind if I show off our adventures. I’ve been thinking a lot about this post from The Nester about her kids’ 18 summers. I want to make sure this summer creates memories and shared experiences that will last forever.

You know, you don’t always have to do a Bible craft, watch a Bible video or tell a Bible story to communicate God’s Love to your kids. Just lovin’ on them does the same thing–hanging out with them, doing what they like and creating a fun family environment shows them Jesus in the flesh.

So, to kick off our Summer o’Fun {is that a great title or what?!} we took my niece to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I don’t know if this is a common thing in other cities, but this giant garden is smack dab in the middle of downtown Atlanta. But when you step inside, you forget your are in the concrete jungle and are immersed into God’s huge garden!

mini snails

There are tons of mini-gardens (the Southern Season was one of my faves!) for exploring and the kids loved this one with the waterfall best because they discovered mini snails at the water’s edge. I sat on a bench and watched them look at those snails for ages. I finally got up and said, “Can we keep moving?!” They were so totally into them!

botanical garden

The best part of the garden for the kids is the Children’s Garden. There was a dino-digging site, Peter Rabbit’s den, Mr. McGreggor’s Garden, a Native American garden, Grandma’s backporch garden, a frog pond, bumblebee hives and more. Peter Rabbit’s garden was their favorite and they pretended to be Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail the rest of the day! (Seriously, they even told another adult at lunch they were little bunnies.)

indoor tropical garden
After the kids’ garden, we went to the Japanese Garden, the edible garden, the orchid house and even a tropical greenhouse. That was super cool because there animals inside, too.


It was so fun being surrounded by God’s beautiful, fragrant, delicious, exotic and awesome creations! We had a blast looking at everything and experiencing it close up ourselves.

If you have a big botanical-type garden in your city, you must go visit it! If you’re in Atlanta, or close to it, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a must-see!

Have you ever been to a big garden before?

bible craft

disclosure: I was provided with the tickets to the ABG as a member of the media.


  1. Love the photos! I really like taking my kids to the Botanic Gardens (we have 5 large, but quite different, ones near us). One has a butterfly garden, and we often sit and watch them flutter around us while we have a little picnic:)
    Thanks for sharing your Summer fun,

  2. Botanical gardens are always so much fun! This one looks fantastic. Surrounded by HIS amazing creations and beauty… what a great way to start the summer! 🙂

  3. How beautiful! I love your photos. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  4. We are in Atlanta too! Actually about 30 minutes south, but we love to go in to Atlanta! My husband and I have been to the concerts in the botanical gardens and it is so peaceful. A great night out.

    We take the kids to the Desert Gardens in Phoenix every year and it is a really educational trip

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