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Choosing Life For the Next Generation

Sunday, our pastor spoke about King Josiah. You remember him? He was the boy king who was crowned at age 8. Josiah’s father was an evil man who led Israel into idol worship and more. For some reason, Josiah decided to follow God and do what He said even though he knew barely anything about […]

VBS: Sky {& a fun airplane craft}

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw my VBS and Performing Arts Camp updates last week. The kids spent five days at VBS (Group’s Sky theme!) while I taught at my mom’s Performing Arts Camp for elementary school kids. (I really need to do a whole post about Performing Arts Camp […]

BRAVE: A Mom's Review

Last night I announced on Facebook that my husband and I were going out to see a pre-release of Pixar’s new Brave movie. I was amazed when about 40 of you liked the status and 14 of you commented! Who knew movie reviews were so popular?! Let’s begin with the fact that I love (big […]

Summer Bucket Lists

How did Bucket Lists get so popular? I see them everywhere and I kinda like the idea since I’m a list person myself. Just think–a giant list with all the super awesome stuff you’ve always wanted to do! What a fun one to check off! Today I’ve got two bucket lists to share with you–one […]

Interview With a Preschool Pastor {OR Can Preschoolers Worship?}

{my husband and me leading worship to 100 three and four year olds!} Remember about 100 years ago when I went to the Orange conference? Well, my favorite breakout session during the conference was by Cass Brannan. He’s a preschool pastor in Tuscaloossa, AL and I originally met him online when his family was doing […]

Our Summer: Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Our Summer o’ Fun continues with Fernbank Museum of Natural History! We took one of Lydia’s friends (who goes to our school and church!) with us and had an absolute blast. The best part by far was NatureQuest which at first glance is just a giant play area. But once you got inside it was […]

Stuff To Read {And Love}

Even in the midst of our Summer o’Fun (you know it makes me laugh every time I write that), I’ve been purposeful in keeping our days slow and simple. One day last week all the kids did was do puzzles (like every single puzzle we own) and then they dressed up like Laura and Almanzo […]