One of those {Bloggy} Days

blogger woes

Yesterday started off great. I got up early to finish up my Yancy Blog Tour post. And have a little quiet time before the kids got up. It’s been waaaay too long since I’ve done #hellomornings and I needed to wake up FOR my kids and not TO them.*

I took a shower, I was dressed and ready to go when I started breakfast. Then I remembered I had not collected Lydia’s schoolwork for her backpack yet (it’s a lot of paperwork as her school-teacher grades all our work) AND I hadn’t made lunch AND we didn’t have any bread or lunch-y type stuff AND Lydia’s uniform was dirty (well, the uniform she would wear, that is) AND I had to get Asa dressed AND I said I’d make pancakes for breakfast. So, for some unknown reason I decided to make macaroni and cheese for Lydia’s lunch. While I was making pancakes. What was I thinking?! Within three minutes I had every pot and pan, condiment and spoon out on my counters.

When I finally got in the car to take Lydia to school I felt like I had already lived 3 days.

After a trip to the chiropractor, a stop at my mom’s house to look through her old books she was donating (oh, the pain of getting rid of all those old books!), I looked at my phone to check my blog (yes, I was in the car!). Lo and behold, it said my domain had expired!

I dove into my inbox to figure out why in the world I didn’t know my domain was expiring and saw ONE email in JANUARY about it. Well, lovely. I paid for the renewal (2 years!), got on the phone with tech support to see when my blog would be ready and they said, “Soon.” How nice.

When I checked it again, I didn’t see either the expired domain or an up and running blog. I saw a 500 error code. Meaning I couldn’t even get into my dashboard! And both my blogs were down! I got on tech support with my hosting company (a different one from my domain) and they told me to delete some plugins. Which I couldn’t do because I couldn’t get into my dashboard! Seriously?!

At this point, Asa is asleep and I have to go pick up Lydia from school. So, I wake him up early from his nap (Ack!), pick up a tired Lydia from school and let them watch a show when we get home. I start making dinner and am lamenting the ground beef is taking forever to thaw out. When I realize oh, it’s not ground beef–it’s pork sausage! I scrap my plans for Asian Lettuce Wraps and go with Breakfast for Dinner.

While I’m playing short order cook for the whole family (fried eggs? scrambled? sausage patties? veggie omelet?), my grits are getting cold and my kids are bored with waiting for me at the table. I decide bedtime is going to be early tonight and get Asa in the bed 1/2 hour early.

Exactly 45 minutes after his NORMAL bedtime he stops crying and finally falls asleep.

This whole time my blog is still down and no one can see the first day of the Yancy Blog Tour! After an hour and a half chat with tech support they finally got my blog up and I am still unclear as to why it happened and if it will happen again.

I stumble into bed at 10:30ish after watching The Firm (which is pointless, because it’s being cancelled anyway!) and at 11:30, Asa wakes up and wants a hug. (GAH!) At 2:30 he wakes up again because he has wet the bed–we JUST (as in 2 days) ago finished a 10-day chart of him not wearing pull-ups. He got a prize and everything. Are you kidding me?! At 3:30 I was still awake. And at 6:30 Asa called for us to get him out of bed for the day. *sigh*

Really, yesterday feels like it never ended. I’m still in it. I have no idea what day it is, what time it is or for that matter, where I am! 😉

All the above craziness was to apologize for my blog being wonky yesterday and invite you to check out the first stop of the Yancy Blog Tour (and be entered to win her CD and DVD) here at Impress Your Kids! And then click over to MamaHall‘s for stop 2 of the tour!

OK. As you were. Praying your day isn’t as exciting as mine was yesterday. 🙂

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*speaking of #hellomornings, if you’ve been thinking about getting up early and wondering what the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge is all about, I’d love for you to join us for a live video/text chat tonight! I’m on the planning team this season and it’s going to be fabulous–plus, we’re giving away some prizes. See all the details at Inspired to Action.

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  1. Bethany says:

    I love that you used the word “wonky” in your hairy day… LOL. Love your sense of humor in a not so funny, overloaded day…… It’s like your spirit is naturally praising God, through your humor, when your lips or mind just doesn’t have the strength at the moment. Thank you for sharing and serving constantly. Hope today goes smoother for you!

  2. Oh my goodness! I hope today has been much better!

  3. Oh, Amanda, perfectionism rears its ugly head. I am an email subscriber, so rarely leave a comment, but had to click over to let you know I read your post no problem yesterday. Watched the video and everything (which was awesome.) Thank you for all your hard work on this great blog AND all your hard mommy work. You are a treasure, even on those never ending days. 🙂

    • So glad you didn’t have a problem yesterday. Must’ve been those 10 minutes after I posted! 😉

      And thank you for the sweet words, friend!

  4. I just love your blog and all of the awesome resources you feature! Thanks so much! Sorry your day was so crummy. Hope today is looking brighter.

    • Thank you, Christy! As I’m sitting on the couch alone with my laptop and both kids are in the bed at 7:30pm, I’m lovin’ today! 😉


  5. Ashley says:

    Oh Amanda, how I love you so! Praying for your yesterday to end and a wonderful tomorrow to begin. So blessed to see you at Orange, I miss you!

  6. Lindsey says:

    Same here as dixiemom7, I’m a google reader subscriber and clicked over yesterday to be entered. It worked fine for us. My kids curled up in my lap as soon as they heard Yancy talking and we watched almost every video she had. 🙂

  7. We are health food junkies at our house, but all I could think as I read over your day was “Burger King!” Forget cooking; sometimes you just gotta get through the day. That being said, next time your day goes like that, check out Lamentations 3:22-23, and remember that his mercies are renewed each morning… then just pray to make it ’til morning!!!

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