So, how did you like Homeschooling?

Now that we’re done with our first year of homeschool, a few people have asked me, “So how was it? Did you like homeschooling?” I thought it was a good question to reflect on and share with you. (Remember when I was agonizing over this schooling decision?!} Lydia’s school is a hybrid-homeschool. It’s more than […]

Summer Journals for Little Kids

It’s summer! School is out and our desk is already dusty. I’m loving having Lydia home every day. (But maybe missing my Mommy & Asa days…) However, I didn’t want this summer to be a big blob of nothingness. If we’re going to homeschool (even partially), I want our lifestyle to be learning. I want […]

Raising Your Kids To Love the Lord

I collect parenting books. It doesn’t mean I read them all. But I do collect them. Maybe it makes me feel like a better parent just owning them? Maybe I’ll learn by osmosis? Anywhoo. I got an email from Tommy Nelson a few weeks ago about a new parenting book. I wasn’t going to review […]

Class of 2012

It’s done. Our first year of school. Lydia graduated from Kindergarten last week. *sniff* I am relieved to say I didn’t sob all the way through the graduation. Nor did I have terrible visions of an 18 year old Lydia leaving for college. In fact, it was a beautifully fun evening celebrating a big milestone […]

Creating a {Healthy} Family Culture

A few weeks ago I attended the Orange Conference as a blogger! I live-tweeted* a lot of the sessions so if you were following me, you may have had a peek of how great it was. The Orange Conference is for pastors, leaders and volunteers in children, youth and family ministry. Their main philosophy is […]

Sibling BFFs!

This picture is Lydia and Asa on almost a daily basis. They love hugging, giggling and generally being with each other. I’ve been thinking a lot about their relationship as they both get older and I wrote a good post (if I do say so myself!) called, 4 Simple Ways To Make Your Kids the […]

The Story of The Story

{Michael and me at the Fox Theatre!} A few weeks ago, I got a direct-message on Twitter from my friend, Michael from World Vision. He’s the guy that led us on our blogging trip to the Dominican Republic. He normally leads big-time artists on trips and he’s super well-connected in the Christian Music industry. So, […]