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So, how did you like Homeschooling?

Now that we’re done with our first year of homeschool, a few people have asked me, “So how was it? Did you like homeschooling?” I thought it was a good question to reflect on and share with you. (Remember when I was agonizing over this schooling decision?!} Lydia’s school is a hybrid-homeschool. It’s more than […]

Summer Journals for Little Kids

It’s summer! School is out and our desk is already dusty. I’m loving having Lydia home every day. (But maybe missing my Mommy & Asa days…) However, I didn’t want this summer to be a big blob of nothingness. If we’re going to homeschool (even partially), I want our lifestyle to be learning. I want […]

Raising Your Kids To Love the Lord

I collect parenting books. It doesn’t mean I read them all. But I do collect them. Maybe it makes me feel like a better parent just owning them? Maybe I’ll learn by osmosis? Anywhoo. I got an email from Tommy Nelson a few weeks ago about a new parenting book. I wasn’t going to review […]

Class of 2012

My little girl graduated from Kindergarten this week. KINDERGARTEN! I wrote about her first day–how God led us to her school and how we were working on helping my daughter be brave on the first day. It puts tears in my eyes thinking about how important and big and real those feelings were. And now […]

Creating a {Healthy} Family Culture

A few weeks ago I attended the Orange Conference as a blogger! I live-tweeted* a lot of the sessions so if you were following me, you may have had a peek of how great it was. The Orange Conference is for pastors, leaders and volunteers in children, youth and family ministry. Their main philosophy is […]

Sibling BFFs!

This picture is Lydia and Asa on almost a daily basis. They love hugging, giggling and generally being with each other. I’ve been thinking a lot about their relationship as they both get older and I wrote a good post (if I do say so myself!) called, 4 Simple Ways To Make Your Kids the […]

The Story of The Story

{Michael and me at the Fox Theatre!} A few weeks ago, I got a direct-message on Twitter from my friend, Michael from World Vision. He’s the guy that led us on our blogging trip to the Dominican Republic. He normally leads big-time artists on trips and he’s super well-connected in the Christian Music industry. So, […]