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Yancy *Blog Tour*

A few weeks (months?) ago we met up with my friend Yancy as she was doing a concert in Atlanta. She just released a brand new preschool album called Little Praise Party: Happy Day Everyday and as we hopped in the car to go to dinner, she gave us the new CD. We popped it […]

Motherhood: (verb)

What is motherhood? This morning, motherhood was getting up early to make a cup of milk for my son, carry him (chugging his milk) on my arm backwards while I lugged my computer into my closet to write a blog post. Then letting him lay on my lap while he reads a Nemo book and […]

Garden & Flower Books and Activities for Kids

This week is “Garden School”. We’re learning about plants, flowers and seeds. I absolutely love talking about plants because there is so much plant and growing imagery in the Bible! It also works well because we just finished planting our own garden in the backyard! I want my kids to be attached to the earth […]

Audio Shows for Kids: Jungle Jam

Asa reading and listening to a book on my husband’s iPad. A few years ago Chick-fil-a had Between the Lions audio books in their kids’ meal. I already love that show (puppets! books!) and the audio is just as good. In fact, I pretty much have all four of the CDs memorized because Asa asks […]

Simplify Your Family Life ebook Sale

I’m a little bit of an ebook addict. I buy and genuinely enjoy reading ebooks by my favorite bloggers. They are like mini, highly concentrated versions of their blogs. I think they have huge power because they are so closely linked to a blogger and their community. My friend Mandi from Life…Your Way and Corey […]

Chore Charts and an American Girl

Last week during Lydia’s rest time, she and I counted the money in her piggy bank. And by piggy bank, I mean 3 jars and a giant Snow White bank from her Papa. She has been saving her money for the last 2 years (at least) for an American Girl doll. I knew she had […]

Little Me In the Big Woods

We went camping over Spring Break and got bitten by the bug–the Camping Bug! We had such a great time–no showers and all! We set up at a walk-in site at a semi-close-to-us State Park. We had to keep our  food in the truck so the Black Bears wouldn’t come to our campsite and eat […]