Angel: Resurrection

Today’s part of the Resurrection story is my kids’ favorite! They shriek with laughter when we read it (probably because we read it from the See With Me Bible). It’s the story of the angel rolling the stone away and the soldiers falling over from fright. For some reason they think this is hilarious!

We focused on the sense of SIGHT so we could really see what the angel looked like: lighting skin and snow white clothes! He is bright! I really wanted to make one of those mirror mosaics. But I didn’t think shards of mirror would be a great craft for a 3 and 6 year old. Then I remembered a craft I saw in one of my thrift-store-craft-book finds– a sun catcher with an old pie plate! So, we made shimmery, shiny, glittery sun-catchers from recycled materials to remind us of the angel & his big announcement!

We grabbed every piece of silver, reflective, metal, plastic, sparkly stuff we could find. Then we cut them up, tied and glued them together!

Asa’s was a mini pie plate that I cut to look like a flower. We added confetti and hung an old CD from the bottom. Mine was the bottom of a plastic water bottle cut open and then attached to a CD. I added some sparkly ribbon and some egg confetti.

easter jesus
Lydia had her “own plan” (<–her words) and added some colored tin foil, some pieces from an old silver box and some glittery craft foam.

We really had fun making these–they are really sparkly and shiny! I also like that it’s a double whammy–we are reminded of the bright angel but also the Bright and Shining Morning Star, Light of the World who came back to life at dawn on Easter Sunday!

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  1. I love this idea…and all of your ideas for teaching about the resurrection. We’ll be enjoying some of your projects next week.

  2. wow. I love each and every single one of your really unique ideas. They aren’t religious or stuffy or guilt ridden – they are a celebration of the goodness and the Love of God. which is exactly what Easter is…thank you for this!

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