Nails: Resurrection

When I was putting this series together (I’m actually still thinking about some of the future days) it was hard because there IS SO MUCH! You could do an activity for about 50 different objects, people or events. The story is just full of symbolism, important events and really really interesting going-ons! (Like, did you know this?! or this?!) When I did Truth in the Tinsel, I felt like I was stretching to get 25 activities out of the story!

Today’s activity is about the sense of touch and the cross. And it’s really the only day we’re going to focus on the cross. There are so many interesting things about the cross but I want to save some of the days for the miracle of resurrection!

easter kids books

books pictured: See With Me Bible,The Jesus Storybook Bible,The Story of the Easter Robin,Benjamin’s Box,The Easter Story

The kids and I curled up on the couch with a stack of our favorite Resurrection Day books and Bible story books. We read Jesus’ death and resurrection from all of them. And as we did, we focused specifically on how Jesus got on the cross. He was forced to carry his cross (with the help of Simon from Cyrene) and then nailed by his hands and feet.

We discussed this nailing because Asa is really into Handy Manny and all things carpentry. Do you see why I said it doesn’t matter if you tell your kids the details? They only understand with what they understand. I see Jesus’ being nailed to a cross and think about splinters, the nerves and broken bones in his hands. I think about the weight of his body being held up by a thick nail. I think of the ugly, vicious, SICK brutality of the Roman world. Asa thinks of Handy Manny.

Then I asked the kids “why”. Why did Jesus die? Why was he nailed to the cross? It wasn’t just because of the Roman Soldiers or the Chief Priests. Why? The Jesus Storybook Bible(of course) says it perfectly,

“It wasn’t the nails that kept Jesus there. It was love.”

Jesus was nailed to the cross because He loves Asa. He gave up his life on the cross because He loves Lydia.

He loves you.

To remind ourselves of this, we simply drew a red dot on our palm to symbolize the nail (or nail-hole/mark) on Jesus’ hands. Then I wrote the kids’ names above it.

jesus' dies on cross
jesus cross nails


The kids thought it tickled (another conversation there if you want!) and they were kinda proud of their new markings. All day long they talked about their hands (if it was coming off, their name, etc.) and every time I’d say, “What does that remind us of?” and they’d answer, “Jesus died for me.” or “Jesus loves me.”

And really, that’s all I want them to know and understand.

I got this idea from Janna at Mustard Seeds. She is one of my favorite bloggers because she always has fabulous ideas for impressing God’s Word on her kids’ hearts. You need to check out her entire Easter/Resurrection page. You will be inspired!

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  1. I love this post – and will be looking for those books at our local library today. Thank you so much for sharing such a profound idea.

    Loved your “Asa thinks of Handy Mandy”. You are so right, they only understand what they understand.

    xoxo michele

  2. I just found this blog and I love your intentionality in impressing your kids with the truth of God’s Word. I definitely plan to implement some of your ideas. Thanks.

  3. This is a wonderful idea. It’s perfect to show the symbolism of Jesus dying for us.

  4. I remember Janna posting that a few years ago and doing that with my kids. It was so powerful, not only for them but for me too. I think sometimes as parents, we need to take a fresh look at God’s amazing truths…

  5. I hope this doesn’t come off as petty but above you comment, “I see Jesus’ being nailed to a cross and think about splinters, the nerves and broken bones in his hands.” The Gospel of John tells us in ch. 19, verses 31-37 that none of Jesus’ bones were broken. This was to fulfill a prophecy about the Messiah. It’s important for us to acknowledge Jesus fulfillment of all prophecies concerning the Messiah…especially when we teach our children about the Good News.

  6. Oh I like this. I’m thinking a good tie-in for Good Friday.

  7. Thank you for sharing! What a great idea?! Will use this in our preschool class this Sunday.

    God bless!

  8. Annette says:

    Hi – I came across this webpage on pinterest and was interested in knowing specifically the title of the book displayed with the nails?

    Thanks in advance

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