The Rooster’s Crow: Resurrection

rooster on church

Did you know some churches put roosters on their steeples instead of crosses? It’s a visual reminder of Peter’s denial of Jesus before the crucifixion. I’ve always loved this and when I was looking for sounds (to go with this Sense of the Resurrection  series) in the Easter story, this is the first one that jumped out at me.

I honestly wanted to make a giant rooster with the kids to put in our front yard or on our roof. But decided to go with something a little more low key!

First, we had to read the story of Peter’s denial. It’s stuck right in the middle of Jesus’ trial with the Chief Priests and Pilate. So, I skipped it yesterday and let it stand alone today. That may not have been such a great idea as Lydia did not get the story AT ALL. She couldn’t understand why Peter’s denying Jesus was bad if Jesus had already said he was going to do it! If Jesus said it, then it must be good, right? *sigh* Good logic from a six year old, I guess.

Thankfully, we were reading our Adventure Bible and it had a little paragraph of a devotional below the story relating Peter’s actions to how we should be sorry for doing wrong. And THIS Lydia understood. So, that became our jumping point for using the rooster to remind us of following, obeying, standing up and being brave for Jesus.

Then we made our very own roster reminder, a super-easy-and-kid-friendly DIY Paper and Canvas Rooster Art!


All you need is a canvas (mine is leftover from Lydia’s Tangled Party),
some pages from an old book (I had two copies of My Utmost For His Highest and used that!),
one piece of scrapbook paper,

and a picture of a Rooster (I just downloaded a picture from Microsoft ClipArt Gallery).

peter denies jesus

Hold your scrapbook paper and rooster paper together then cut out to make a cute scrapbook paper rooster.

canvas diy

Spread a nice layer of ModPodge on the canvas. Then cover with your book pages. You’ll have to experiment with how you want this to look. And make sure you leave enough to cover the edges!

old books on canvas modpodge

Then ModPodge on top of that! (It will have bumps in it–but if I had done it without two eager helpers it probably wouldn’t have THAT many bumps!)

diy modpodged canvas

Place your rooster where you’d like him. Then add some letters (I used my mom’s Cricut! You could always use stickers, or cut letters yourself or just use a marker to write it!) to spell a word. We chose the word “remember” because the Bible says Peter remembered Jesus’ words when he heard the rooster. And we want to REMEMBER Jesus in everything we do!  Now, ModPodge it again! Let dry and you have a beautiful reminder to remember Jesus and his sacrifice for us!

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rooster steeple photo by mait


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