Moe & Blu {*giveaway*}

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illustration by Dennis Jones. photo of book by me.

Last week I introduced the See With Me Bible to Asa. He is absolutely enthralled with it and wants me to “read” it to him every day. One of his favorite stories was Moses. Mainly because of Moses’ staff. Remember Asa’s walking stick? As we read we got to relate it to his walking stick and his story.


illustration by jago. photo of book by me.

At this same time, we were reading The Jesus Storybook Bible (we just re-started it for the 58th time for bed-time stories) and the story that we landed on was the Exodus with Moses. It was really cool to talk about the Passover and the blood of the lamb on the door with the actual Passover and the Resurrection (Easter) coming up soon.

THEN. I got an email from Veggie Tales about their new Blu-ray movies. They have just re-relased six classic movies as Blu-rays. (Which, by the way, I did not have FOUR of these! FOUR!) Well, this Blu-ray doesn’t mean all that much to me but my husband loves his Blu-ray player and will only rent Blu-rays at the Redbox even if it does cost more. Hmph. I think we were buying Blu-rays even before we had a Blu-ray player!

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The first new Veggie Blu-ray we watched was Moe and the Big Exit which just happens to be the story of Moses and the exodus of God’s people from slavery in Egypt! And it’s the sequel to Little Joe which is my very favorite Veggie Tales movie. Of course, I kinda had to remind Asa the Veggie story was mirroring the story of Moses we had just read. After all, vegetables dressed like western cowboys retelling a Bible story can be kind of confusing.

Anywhoo. The Blu-ray shows the Veggies in all their computer-generated glory. It’s crisp, clear, bright and saturated with color. There are fun extras, cute menus and my kids like it because the whole movie shows up as an icon on our tv instead of a basic DVD graphic. What can I say? They inherited their tech-savvyness from their father. Oooh, and the Blu-ray comes with a DVD, too. So you can put that one in the mini-van and keep the Blu-ray in your house!

It was just cool to read and see the story of Moses and talk about it 3 or 4 times in one week. We got to look at it from different angles, discuss small parts of the story and think about it more than if we had just heard it at church. I love when we surround our kids with God’s Word. From a wordless storybook, a bedtime story to a silly Veggie Tales movie we can give our kids the small bites of God’s Word they need. The small bites that will fill them up and lay a foundation of God’s Word in their lives.

So dig out your Bible storybooks from the bookshelf, put your Bible on the coffee table and grab some new Veggie Tales Blu-ray’s to keep the stories of God’s plan and love in front of your kids’ eyes. In fact, I think we might just don our cowboy costumes today and let Asa part the backyard with his walking stick this afternoon! 🙂

Oooh! Wanna get your hands on Veggie Tales Blu-ray RIGHT NOW? Veggie Tales is giving away a FULL set of SIX Blu-ray’s to one happy Impress Your Kids reader today! That’s Pistachio, The Wizard of Ha’s, Moe and the Big Exit, LarryBoy and the Bad Apple, Big River Rescue, and Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah’s Umbrella all on Blu-ray! Delivered to your front door! FUN, right?! You’re gonna love it. Just the cases make your old DVDs look like a VHS!

I’ll make it easy peasy for you. Just leave a comment telling me which Bible story you’d like to see turned into a Veggie Tales movie and you’ll be entered to win. (Or some other interesting Veggie Tales, Bible-story, kid-friendly comment is fine, too!) I’ll pick a winner on Saturday, March 17th!

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Disclosure: Veggie Tales sent me the Blu-ray’s to review. Words and ideas mine.


  1. David and Goliath is a firm favourite with our 6 year old boy and our 2 year old just loves the Christmas story!

  2. I love the story of Joseph

  3. Elizabeth says:

    VeggieTales are a staple in our household. I’d be interested to see stories of Jesus – how he healed the sick or fed the 5000, or my daughter’s favorite, walked on water. 🙂

  4. Would love to see the story about captain Naaman or the widow that gave up her last bit of flour and oil for the prophet to have a small loaf of bread, even though it was to be the last meal for her and her son.

  5. I think it would be neat to see some kind of “overview” VeggieTales movie–like a kid-friendly summary of the Old Testament.

  6. Abraham, Isaac, and Mount Moriah maybe could be interesting

  7. I would love to see more Old Testament stories like Ahab, David, Soloman and Saul,

  8. I’ve always loved the story of Joseph and his brothers

  9. Song of Solomon?? J/k J/k 🙂

    The friendship of David and Jonathan would be fun.

  10. My kids grew up with Veggie Tales and now my grandkids are starting to watch them….and my kids still watch them now that they are adults!
    Would love to see Zacheus!

  11. Veggie Tales has been a way for me to introduce Bible stories to my almost three-year-old. My husband was raised in a home without religion so he has a hard time seeing the importance of having a Higher Power to believe in and teaching that to his children. When I introduced our daughter to Veggie Tales he accepted them because he said they “weren’t shoving religion on children”. So, each video has been a way for me to introduce the Bible stories I grew up on to both of them. When Lydia gets scared of the dark I ask her why she doesn’t need to be scared and she says “because God is bigger”. Now that Lydia has a little sister she is singing the songs to her, it is great to see the Spirit working in her.