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I’m not insecure about most things. I’m a fairly confident person. But the one area that gets me self-conscious is my skin. My mom let me suggested I wear foundation when I was in the 6th grade because I was already breaking out everywhere. I got facials regularly in Middle and High School (my mom worked at a salon!).

I just knew that by the time I got married my skin would be clear. No such luck. My skin was broken out on my wedding day. Every year after that I just assumed my skin would get better. I mean, what adult has acne? My skin has been so oily for so long, my skin should like great in my 30’s! Preserved, right?!


When I turned 30, my sisterchick Mandi gave me a gift certificate to her sister-in-law’s (and my long-time friend) salon. Not a hair salon. Or a nail salon. An all-natural skin salon called Skin Solutions! I was ecstatic.


I made my appointment for a blueberry smoothie enzyme peel and walked away with an additional Jessner peel because I’m pretty sure Rebekah, the owner saw my skin and said, “Oh my. We’ve got some work to do.” She warned me that my skin would start peeling in the next 3-5 days. Which just happen to be in the middle of my 30th birthday Sisterchick Cruise. And when it started peeling off, it PEELED OFF! I was like the nastiest snake you have ever seen. When all the skin was off, I felt like an inch of my face…rather an inch of junkiefied, nasty, dirt had come off my skin. I literally shed my skin revealing new baby skin beneath!

You may have had a peel before. But you probably had a CHEMICAL peel. This is a natural enzyme peel. A Blueberry Smoothie peel is actually a BLUEBERRY enzyme peel. Your skin is being cleaned by natural ingredients in God’s world!

{Before: Bad skin.}

Since then I’ve been using only the skincare products and make up recommended by Rebekah at Skin Solutions. And even when my skin looks bad (because I haven’t been cleaning it as I should, etc.), it looks better than it’s ever looked.

Skin Solutions is a good little trek from my house so sometimes I’ll run out of a product and go a few days (or weeks, yikes!) without part of my skin care routine. And I don’t notice that my skin looks bad but when I get my product and start the full routine again, my skin looks better after one application. I hate to be trite but to this problematic skin girl, it’s a miracle!

{After: Good skin*}

I’m super excited that Skin Solutions has started an online shop because now when I see I’m getting low I can order what I need and it will show up on my doorstep. You know I’m a fan of that! In fact, I placed an order this week and got it in one day! Woot! My husband saw the box on the counter and said, “Uh-oh. I see Skin Solutions. How much did that set me back?” It is expensive. But considering all the junk I’ve bought from the drugstore (and probably poisoned my skin with) and trashed over the years, this probably doesn’t even compare!

all natural skin solutions

For the record (if anyone wants to get their own), I use:

Purity Clean (use it twice at night and once in the morning)
Purity Balance (a spray “toner” after the Clean)
Clarity Serum (to control oil)
Define (an exfoliating moisturizer I cocktail with the Serum at night)
Pure Enzymes (a mask used every once in awhile)
Serious Protection (daily sunscreen)
LaBella Donna Compressed Foundation
Visions of Mineral Light (blush)

If you’ve struggled with your skin–breakouts, aging, dryness, etc. you really need to check out Skin Solutions‘ line of skin care and cosmetics. If you’re in the Atlanta area, Skin Solutions is worth the drive to Cumming, I promise! Rebekah will treat you fabulously and work hard to get your skin looking–no actually BEING healthy!

Plus, Skin Solutions is offering $10 off any facial or body service for my Atlanta area readers! Just print the coupon below. Score!

all natural skin solutions

And if you are (sadly) not in Atlanta, they are offering a free (2oz) Save Your Skin spray with any purchase (a $7 value). I have some and it is lovely to use after a sunburn! Order via this link and it will be shipped with your order!

*Headshot by the dazzling Darcy. And ok, she may have photoshopped me a little! *wink*

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. But I’ve been going to Skin Solutions for years before they ever asked me to write for them!



  1. Rebecca says:

    Ok…so, here’s a little additional information about Amanda. I met her yesterday…with my aging and acne covered face (that I came clean on being insecure about)…and stared at her beautiful complexion (k, maybe I coveted it a little) and she shared…”OK you have to read the post I’m writing”…..and she’s right, so I popped over here and yep, I’ll be grabbing those links soon and following in her footsteps…’cause I saw the results in real life – no photoshop!

  2. You are beautiful, inside and out. And, I may have to chat with these folks at the Cumming Local Girls Night Out tonight. My skin is beginning to look my age.

  3. I had the worst skin growing up. Like so bad that I went on accutane for a whole year {typical people are only on it for a few months}. YIKES! Which I lived in/near Atlanta for a facial. That sounds lovely.

  4. Ugh…I feel the SAME way about my skin. I kept thinking “oh when I turn 30 it will just go away on its own”….NOPE! I have been on medicine after medicine since I was 16. You look great!

  5. I’m with you on thinking acne should just go away as we age! What I would give if it just would! Thanks for the information – these products sound great!

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