Why Top Ten {Tuesday} Is So Fabulous

It’s here, folks: my last Top Ten {Tuesday}. In case you missed the big announcement, you better click back to last week! Let’s get to this week because honestly, I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile. I love Top Ten {Tuesday} and I think it’s a really good carnival. And I think everyone ought to know why!

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

{Don’t you like the new button?! Angie’s post today is fabulous, too: Tips for Writing & Promoting a Top Ten {Tuesday} post!}

OK, ready?

The Top Ten Reasons Top Ten {Tuesday} Is The Most Fabulous Carnival EVER

1. Anyone Can Link Up

You do not have to be crafty, a hard-hitting writer, a homeschooler, a professional blogger or any niche to link up with Top Ten {Tuesday}. You can write about anything under the sun and still link up! Top Ten {Tuesday} can expand your bloggy horizons!

2. Not Just Anyone Can Link Up

(I am the queen of the paradox, no?)

If you wanna link up with Top Ten {Tuesday} you have to write a list. You can’t just find a post you did this week and randomly submit it. There are many carnivals I visit that are like “Hey, whatever you want to post about, link it up because I wanna say that I had 800 links!” which is fine, but that means that many of the posts were not written FOR the carnival. Top Ten {Tuesday} folks write their post knowing they are going to link up. We are one prepared group!

3. Easy to Share 

I would say 90% of the posts each week are easily sharable. They are not full of “meh”. They are stumble-worthy, pin-worthy posts! They are easily google-able and seo-friendly. I am astounded by all the great information, creativity and passion in our Top Ten lists!

4. Easy To Monetize

Because most of our lists are easy to share, they are also easy to monetize. If you write a Top Ten list about your favorite books every single item can be linked with an affiliate link to Amazon. If you’re looking for a good affiliate link type post, a Top Ten post comes in super handy.

5. #toptentues

We have our own hashtag. And people use it. And I love it.

6. Sometimes You Need a List.

Lists are just nice. They change up the normal everyday format of your blog. It’s like a little surprise for your readers. ProBlogger even suggests writing a list on Day 2 of his 31 Days to a Build a Better Blog, so you know it must be a good idea!

7. Flexibility.

Wanna post ten words that make you ill when you hear them? (Coagulate! *shiver*) Then next week you feel like writing ten mini-dissertations? The week after that—ten photos from your vacation? DO IT! Top Ten {Tuesday} is flexible and works with any and every kind of subject!

8. Scannable

Remember, you only have seconds on a blog post before a reader turns away. Lists are easily scannable and somehow fill that self-help desire that keep people reading (What?! I can change my life in 10 easy steps?!! Sign me up!).

9. Interactive

How many times has someone commented, “YES! I totally do #3 and #5!!”? People can remember what you wrote and respond to your list or add their own item!

10. YOU

You make Top Ten {Tuesday} fabulous! Your creative, insightful, shareable lists make this a great carnival. Thank you again for being a part of this community! Each and every one of your links is a gift to me! THANK YOU! I’m honored you’ve linked up with me the last four years. I’m sure I’ll be visiting Many Little Blessings to say hello on Tuesdays, so I’ll see you there!

And on that note, this better not be good-bye! If you only stop by for Top Ten {Tuesday}, please make sure you’re subscribed to ohAmanda (via feedreader or email) or connect with me on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook! Don’t leave me now!

Ooh, and come back tomorrow for an important to me post that includes a great deal for you!

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OK! Today’s link up is a little different. When you enter your permalink below it will also show up on Angie’s blog, Many Little Blessings! If you enter it at Angie’s blog it will show up over here. You don’t need to enter it at both places--that would be weird.

So, go ahead WRITE a fabulous Top Ten list. LINK back to me Angie in it (she’s got the HTML in her sidebar). PASTE the url to your post in one our linkies. Start LOVIN’ on the rest of the particpants with visits, comments, stumbles, pins, likes and tweets (#toptentues)!

Next week Top Ten {Tuesday} will begin it’s new life at Angie’s blog, Many Little Blessings.
(I’d love to see it be the biggest link up ever! Show her some #toptentues love, ok?)


  1. So Sorry the Top 10 list won’t be here anymore but so glad it’s going to live on with Angie! Thank you so much for hosting it, I’ve had a lot of fun every week! I’m subscribed to your blog so I’ll still be visiting but it sure will be strange to not see the Top 10 list here each week!

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  2. Your post and Angie’s post looked like fun and I decided to give it a go. First time posting a top ten list! Great advice, too.

  3. *tear* Your last TTT? Thx for creating this, Amanda, I now think in Top Ten lists 🙂

    • LOL! Me, too!

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  4. *sigh* Gonna miss TTT at your place Amanda. Truly.
    It was the first place I ever tried the linky thing. You made it so easy and comfortable. I’m glad TTT will be living on.
    I’ll have somewhere to link up if I ever find time to blog again.
    Love you girl.

  5. I’ll miss seeing it over here. I’ve been a subscriber for well over a year and it wasn’t just because of TTT but for your fabulous writing and interaction with your readers. I haven’t linked up in a while but always loves your posts. Happy to see you’ve passed on the torch and it’s not going to stop.

  6. Thanks for hosting Top Ten Tuesday all this time. It’s been fun!!

  7. I feel like I should join hands, stand in a circle and sing “The Goodbye” song.

    Farewell TTT.

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