How to Pray As a Family

Our church is very intentional about empowering parents to raise their kids for the Lord. I’ve told you about Asa’s baby dedication and monthly themes like Taming the Inner Monster. Each month, they also host KidStuf a big dramatic-interactive-church-service. The best part is the kids and parents are sitting together. Listening together. Worshiping together. Praying together.

My kids talk about KidStuf all month long. And when they aren’t talking about what we saw last month, they are asking when we can go the next month. It’s that good.

The big idea this month in KidStuf (and in my daughter’s weekly Sunday class) is Prayer: Having a Conversation With God. During the skit, while the characters were learning to pray–we learned to pray, too. And not just by watching. They handed out a small box to each family.

prayer box
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Inside each box were several items. These items were prompts to help us know how to pray together.

praying with kids

First is the kalediscope. When you look through the kalediscope, you see so many amazing shapes, colors and pictures. This is the time to stop and praise God for how amazing and powerful He is!

thanksgiving for kids

Second is a cute little turkey. My kids already love and know the Don’t Be a Turkey, Just Say Thanks song from Yancy’s new preschool album. So, they really get this idea–the turkey reminds us to stop and say thank you to God for all He’s done and is doing for us.

prayer for direction

Third is a compass. This helps us remember that God knows the plans He has for us. When we are confused or unsure what to do, we need to ask Him!

praying for others

Fourth was a blank piece of paper. We were instructed to write a prayer request on it. Then trade it with a family around us! This reminds us to pray for them and for anyone else we think of. (And knowing that someone is praying for us, too!)

Last is a transformer pencil sharpener. OK, this might be a stretch but the idea is we need to ask God to change us. And every day this might be a different prayer, “Change me to be a more attentive wife.” OR “Change me so I will obey Mommy.” OR “Change my heart so I will reach out to friends who hurt me.” The idea is that we are offering up our sinful broken ways and asking God to make us new!

How great is this?! You could easily make this yourself with the same items or with whatever you can find around your house. We have our prayer box on the kitchen table so we can take the objects out at dinner to pray together. And half the time, the kids just take the objects out in the middle of the day to play with them.

How does your family pray together?

PS–This prayer box totally reminded me of our God Can!

bible craft


  1. this is a great idea. Loved the turkey!

  2. okay this…AWESOME!!!! absolutely LOVE it! thank you for sharing. So simple yet perfect in every way! I picture them as grown men still remembering these little trinkets as they go on their knees in prayer. Thanks amanda for helping us raise a generation to love and serve Him!

  3. so cute

  4. Wow, this is GREAT!! We are planning a family night in March with a focus on praying and I was trying to do a cool way to have parents “take it home”. This is so perfect!


  5. We made this for our table and use it every night after dinner to pray! The kids LOVE IT!!!

  6. This awesome! And I checked out the self-control link and I think I might start doing that! (For myself, too! HA!)

    I have to ask–HOW ON EARTH do you find TIME to do all of the things you do!?!? I know you write for a LOT of blogs and your house always looks clean in your pics and you’re ALWAYS doing things with your kids! (Stop making the rest of us look bad!! I KID! I KID!) But, seriously. You should get a medal!

    • My house LOOKS clean. That’s what a good CROP can do to a photo! LOL!

      The great thing about this prayer box is they gave it to us at church! We don’t do the prayer every night (b/c it takes FOREVER!) but just having it on the table is a reminder to the kids and to us to talk to God!


  7. What a clever idea! Visual cues are amazing for kids. 🙂

  8. I love the Transformer pencil sharpener – don’t think it’s a stretch at all perfect illustration to fit into a boy’s heart!…thanks for sharing – many BLessings!

  9. I love this! GREAT idea!!! Will definitely be doing this with my boys! <3 THANK YOU for sharing all of your ideas, crafts, and wisdom!!

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