Build Others Up {Super Speech}

This morning before school I pulled out all the blocks we had. The big red cardboard ones. The colorful foam blocks. And the traditional wooden cubes. I had the kids build as many towers as they could and make them as tall as they could. Invariably, they’d get a decent tower going and then with one additional block, the whole tower would fall!

ephesians 4:29
After a few towers, I stopped them and said, “Let’s read our verse again and see if we hear anything about building.” We read it and they  jumped on BUILD OTHERS UP. I explained that our good and helpful words are like building a great big tower. But one whine, complaint or mean word is like knocking it down!

Then we took our biggest blocks and one by one added a block to the tower. And with each block, we said something kind or helpful about someone else. With a 3 and 6 year old it turned into a “Thank you for playing with me” kind of things. But I got to model some good affirmations like, “Lydia you are always quick to finish the dishes.” and “Asa, I like the way you love your sister!”

If I had older kids, I would have had them write kind words or affirmations on each block and then build up towers for each sibling. It would be a fun activity to do over the course of a day or week. How cool to see compliments and kind words building a tower of love for each other?

ephesians 4:29
Anyway, as we made our huge tower, on her own, Lydia got down to hold it up so it wouldn’t fall. Then I lifted Asa up to finish our tower. And of course, it was knocked over immediately. But we got to talk about what it was like to knock it down after all those kind words were said—it was a bummer! It’s even worse when we let evil words come out of our mouth–it’s like knocking down someone we love!

super hero badge
The kids played with the blocks for a few more minutes while I ironed on their new SPEECH badge! And here’s the Super Hero badges for you! Two pages are included in the download–one page for stickers and one page for an iron-on!

1 Timothy 4:12
If you are going to iron them on, make sure you use the badges that are turned backwards. If you iron on the front-ways words, they’ll be backwards when ironed on! Also, make sure you buy either white t-shirt or dark t-shirttransfer paper so your badges will show up nice and bright. Mine was white t-shirt transfer paper and you can see how they are kinda see-thru on the dark background. The dark t-shirt transfer paper would work better. Just my t-shirt tip!

If you’re going to use them as stickers, Buzzhive designed them to fit perfectly on Avery #8293. Or you can use full sheet sticker paper, too.

Or hey–just print it and mod podge it to something! Or duct tape it! Whatever works for you!

Hope you enjoyed SUPER SPEECH! Next week we’ll begin FANTASTIC LIFE (or conduct, I know you’re looking forward to that!).


  1. This is awesome, Amanda! The badges are PERFECT! Thank you soo much!

  2. What a wonderful way to demonstrate the impact of our words on ourselves and others. I love it!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Did this lesson with the kids (3 & 5) today before nap time. At dinner my 3 year old said out-of-the-blue, “Mommy, I think we should talk about saying kind words.” Thank you so much for helping to bring the Word alive in their hearts. (by the way, my 5 year old is a “Lydia” too 🙂

  4. Thanks for this blog. i look forward to using your ideas with my son and future children, God willing. SO encouraging!!!

  5. Is there a new link for the badges? Can’t find them! 🙁

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