How To Be a Super Hero: SUPER SPEECH

1 timothy 4:12
Welcome to our Super Hero series! Each week we’ll be doing activities from 1 Timothy 4:12 to help our kids discover what it means to be an example of Jesus to others—which will make us a true “super hero”!

When we did our Super Hero Crests last week, we listened to Seeds Family Worship’s Young song (which is just 1 Timothy 4:12 set to music). We sang along to hear the 5 qualities listed in the verse. We counted them on our fingers and when I explained that the first one was going to be SPEECH, or the things we say, Lydia said, “Oooh, Oh! Can we do the drink thing?”

“The drink thing?!” I said. And then I remembered. Almost 2 years ago, we did an experiment that explained Matthew 12:34, “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” How could she remember that so quickly? Almost 2 years ago? And it’s the first thing that popped to her head when I said “speech”?! I think that’s how God’s Word and little minds work. God’s Word is alive and little minds are sponges waiting to soak it up!

So, today, when Lydia gets home from school all of us will be doing the “drink thing” together. (And I’ll be updating our Facebook page with pictures of their kids and their concoctions. Feel free to post yours, too!) To help us know and understand exactly how our speech can be an example of Jesus. This is a super fun experiment you do with stuff from your cupboard and garage. Yes, garage.

Go ahead and click over to our “drink thing”—the Matthew 12:34 Experiment to see the fun and do it with your own {super} kids! Let’s have Super Speech today!


  1. This is wonderful! We really need some help with super speech around here so I suspect this evening will involve some super hero crest making. Thanks again for the great Biblical inspiration. I need it!

  2. Hey Amanda, just wanted to let you know that links to the seeds songs are broken. They apparently were moved to a different location. But I was able to find the songs on youtube.

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