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Tonight Lydia and I snuggled up in her bed for a story. I also had the computer and two gift cards.


Because tonight we read The King’s Christmas List. It was our new favorite book last year and started a fabulous tradition for us–giving gifts to Jesus. Asa and Lydia picked out gifts from the World Vision catalog to give to Jesus. Lydia chose bunnies and Asa a goat. We talked about those bunnies and that goat all month long. Asa knew he had given a gift to Jesus and was excited about that goat!

In our Advent activities we made a giant box that stayed under our tree for all of December. Inside were hidden two scriptures. And on Christmas morning we opened the box first to read them. As the kids opened this special box Asa said, “Is it a goat?” His two-year old self couldn’t understand giving a goat to Jesus, but I loved seeing his sweet little face ask that question because it showed me how real that gift to Jesus was to him.


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This year we have yet to sit down and pick out our gifts. Lydia looks through the World Vision and Compassion catalogs all the time and when Samartian’s Purse catalog came full of QR codes she scanned every single one to watch the videos about each gift. I think she’s leaning toward honey bees and Asa will probably get a cow. (He’s all about the milk!)

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But let’s get back to the giftcards and the story tonight. Razoo, an online fundraising site sent Lydia and Asa a $10 gift card to give to an organization of their choice. After reading the book, we searched for our favorite organizations, watched their videos, read their descriptions. Lydia chose Square Peg ministries here in metro Atlanta (which is also run by my mom, my brother and sister-in-law and my best friend, Kristen). They work with at-risk kids in Atlanta providing homework help, summer camps and Bible clubs. She was so excited to give to these kids, her family and to Jesus.

I can’t wait to show Asa his card tomorrow and see which organization he chooses. He’ll probably want to find one that gives milk to babies! This Christmas, take a few minutes away from the mall and the stores to give the best present of all: a gift to Jesus. A gift that really and truly GIVES. You could even skip the mall all together and buy a Giving Card from Razoo–that way your friends and family could have their own experience in giving to Jesus! It’s giving and receiving in one small gift!

Check out my Pinterest board for Gifts That Give More!

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  1. These are such wonderful ideas. I hope to implement some of them…if not this year, next for sure!

  2. I was excited to see your from ATL. I is always fun to find out someone you follow is from your town!! I love the idea of putting a present under the tree. I sure it would help my kids understand “Giving to Jesus” more.

  3. This was such a wonderful story, Amanda! I enjoyed reading it so much! Thanks!

  4. Laura Edward says:

    Very valuable and great ideas i like it very much, keep up it, thanks for the sharing.

  5. Britni Bradford says:

    Do you do the same two scriptures each year or vary it? Would love to know what was tucked inside =)

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