The Truth in the Tinsel CHALLENGE

It’s Black Friday–and more importantly, it’s the day Truth in the Tinsel: An Advent Experience for Little Hands is released! I have literally been nervous for over a week waiting for this day! Everyday the count of fans on the Facebook page has gone up (almost 900 on Thanksgiving night!), the emails with positive feedback have been coming every day and lots of great reviews being posted tomorrow. At the risk of sounding trite, I am so thankful for all of you and your excitement! Thank you for getting the word out about the book. I could not have done it on my own.

Remember, during our 31 Days, I talked about making holidays HOLYdays? I wrote, “I have discovered that Christmas and Easter are my biggest and most flamboyant vehicle to teach my kids about God.” (Is it tacky to quote yourself? Oops.) I haven’t been able to get that word out of my mind–flamboyant. I love the idea of being flamboyant about teaching our kids about God. I get the feeling that most people just send their kids to church, buy a few Veggie Tales movies and hope their kid turns out ok. I want to do more than that. I want to be flamboyant, purposeful, deliberate and AWESOME in how I teach my kids about Jesus.

And Christmas, I think, is the best vehicle to do so. Just tonight, on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt’s house the kids were oooohing and aaahhhhing over Christmas lights. Their excitement has already started!  If I take a few minutes to plan it out and to think about it I can ride that excitement and make a huge, living impact in their lives about Jesus’ birth.

Will you join me? Will you take the first 24 days of December to  impress your kids? Will you give your kids 30 minutes a day for 24 days?  Will you turn down the attention and energy put into the elf on the shelf, the presents and bows, the Santa and his reindeer and pump up the focus and excitement on Jesus? Will you be flamboyant in teaching them about the greatest gift of all this year? I’m challenging you this December to help your kids find the truth in the tinsel, to experience Christmas and to get to know Jesus.

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Join me and several of my friends along with a host of other moms (and dads) as we go through the Christmas Story with Truth in the Tinsel! Buy the book, collect your craft supplies, get a Bible and do the book with us! We’ll be updating on the Truth in the Tinsel facebook page with pictures of our crafts (yes, even if they are failures!), funny things our children say and miracles that are taking place in our kids’ hearts. It will be a place to get encouragement, tips and stay accountable—a little community, if you will. We’d love for you to join us!

The book is regularly $4.99 (which is a crazy deal when you see how good it looks on the inside!) but on Black Friday it will be just $2.99! You could buy them for every mom you know and still have cash left over to go Black Friday shopping!

I’ve been praying for the families who go through Truth in the Tinsel this year and I believe it’s going to be a significant experience in your child’s life!

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So, are you in? Will you take the Truth in the Tinsel challenge?

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  1. Just got it! Love it, love it, love it!!! Can it just be December already? Thanks so much, Amanda; we can’t wait to get started!!!

    (I almost bought it last night, but the post-turkey fatigue was a little too great… It is my first, and maybe only, Black Friday purchase, though.)

  2. Hi Amanda,
    You know this already, but I’m totally in with you on the Truth in the Tinsel Challenge! I’ve been collecting my craft supplies and started working on my advent calendar and I’m so excited to get started! 🙂

  3. I had better get moving! Thanks for the nudge!

  4. Traci Mellick says:

    We are up for the challenge! I bought it this morning and it looks great. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  5. Amanda,
    I just purchased your book. So Impressed. I have 8 children who are 7 and above in age. wanted to do this with my younger set and was concerned it would be too young, but you are so cute – I wanted to support you – so I bought it and I love it and feel it will be a supper nice alternative to the Jesse Tree or a go along!!! You did a fantastic job.

  6. We will be joining the challenge! I made my calendar tonight! Can’t wait! 🙂

  7. I am so excited to have this book. Bought mine today and already blogged about it and posted on facebook. I was just looking up Advent calendar ideas yesterday since we have never done one. I wasn’t sold on any of the ideas because they were so commercial. This is going to be perfect for us!

  8. terra morrow says:

    Hi I purchased the ebook tonight via pay pal and the download was unsuccessful after four times on my Droid phone. Any way to correct this? Looking fwd to doing with my little ones

  9. I’m so excited to do this with my 2 yr old daughter! And, as a bonus, with all of you!

  10. Tere Figueras says:

    Hi! Bought it! Really excited about starting to go through it and be ready, but don’t know how to go about downloading it, as I haven’t received any notification other than Paypal has sent you the payment. I’m pretty new at this e-book thing (this is my second purchase!), so maybe I’m missing a step here or there. Help! I sent you an e-mail and posted a comment on Facebook, because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to reach you at all! Hopefully I have, so thanks in advance!

  11. Just bought your ebook – looks amazing! A simplified Jesse Tree is what it seemed to me, and then I read your intro 🙂

    I was thinking I’d like to buy 3 more ebooks as a giveaway on my blog. How would that work? How would I get the ebooks emailed to the winners instead of to myself?

  12. I was just wondering what the targeted ages are for the book? I don’t see it listed anywhere but I very easily could have missed it! Thanks!

  13. I’m totally in with you on the Truth in the Tinsel Challenge! I’ve been collecting my craft supplies and started working on my advent calendar and I’m so excited to get started!

  14. We are definitely in!! I’m so thankful for this book I really had no idea what I was going to do this advent season. God bless you!

  15. Any way to see a sample for those who don’t do social sites? Thank you!

  16. This looks wonderful! I can’t wait to use it with my kiddos- specifically my 18yo daughter who has Down syndrome. My 12yo son is also going to join us, and even though he’s far beyond the target age/maturity level, I think he’ll get a great deal out of the scripture readings… especially as he “helps” his sister to understand the concepts. And the crafts look so sweet and fun.

    Looking forward to telling my readers about this resource in my Advent post tomorrow morning… I’ll be sharing the link too!:) Thanks for using your creativity for Him.

  17. HI!
    I keep hearing about your ebook … and I have to say I am excited… I also keep reading that its on sale for 2.99 but when I go to purchase its 4.99… am I doing something wrong or do I need a code? Please respond to my email… I want to purchase asap to start getting everything ready!!!

  18. YAY!!! i am SOOO excited about this! Buying now & just posted about it on my blog. LOVE IT! thanks so much for all the hard work you put in to this awesome resource for parents 🙂


    I hope it is okay that I put your picture and book on my blog…so excited to start tomorrow!

  20. I have just posted a review here:

    Thanks again Amanda!!!

  21. I am sooo excited about starting this tradition. I can’t wait to not only teach my child about the birth of Jesus but to also learn more myself as well. THank you for making this soooo family/ young child friendly. I’m super excited!

  22. The ebook is great! Started printing and preparing for my 4 little kiddos ages 8 and under. I think they will all get something wonderful out of it. You’ve made it very easy with this book! Also, wanted to share the tip that I was able to set my document to print 2 pages condensed on to 1 to save on ink. I don’t need the type too large- just enough for me to read and show a little example of the craft to the kids. I’m all for saving on ink! 🙂 God bless you! Amy

  23. Hi,
    I just enjoyed your e-book “The Truth in Tensil”. I ordered this book via pay-pay. For some reason I cannot find the book in my pdf, or download files. Any suggestions? Please help!

  24. Keely Guthery says:

    This book is fantastic! I felt convicted to make a BIG change in Christmas tradition this year, and wow! This is perfect for me. I felt totally lost for what to do or how to do it, and now it is all beautifully organized and laid out!!! Thank you, thank you, I will be spreading the word about this little gem 🙂

  25. ok pride – but I’m so stinkin happy its a pic of me and my boys – cause we love this !!!


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