Shoebox Blitz in New York City

I am in New York City right now! NEW YORK CITY!

I’m here with Operation Christmas Child as part of a SUPER COOL promotion that is literally going to canvas New York City with Shoeboxes!

shoebox blitz
In fact, we are going to be outside the Today Show and Good Morning America today! So, please turn on your TVs and watch! Record it if you have to, I’ll be waving to you! (Yes, dressed like a box!)

And don’t forget to LIKE Operation Christmas Child on facebook so you can see all the fun stuff we’ll be doing today!


  1. This is our 9th year participating with our youth group. This is a great mission outreach project for all ages. Our youth write letters send pictures and in return we have recieved letters and pictures from them. This is a great way to start the holiday season, ” Christ is the reason for the season”

  2. Girl, how do you get so many AWESOME opportunites?

    My son and I have been filling our shoe box this week. We are hoping to make some 2-4 year old little boy very happy.

  3. Hi. I saw your post and am stunned! My son and I were there too!!! For the shoe box blitz! Good grief what I wouldn’t have given to have met you. I have actually been perusing your blog b/c I feel God has called me to take my blog a step further and I am trying to learn all I can…I would LOVE to chat..get to know you….Not to seem creepy. I’m just a mom, trying to figure out how God can use ME. :) Thank you!!

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