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Thursday and Rockets

Good morning! I finally made pancakes this morning. Not that you knew I have been trying to make them for the past 3 weeks and either haven’t had milk or butter so couldn’t do it. But the kids are happily munching away on blueberry pancakes and watching Little Einsteins. I actually love Little Einsteins. It’s […]

He's Three!

Asa is three today! His Woody and Buzz birthday party went off without a hitch—well, except for the part when Lydia got a high fever and her grandparents had to take her to their house so she wouldn’t get anyone else sick and she missed the whole party! 🙁 This morning we woke Asa with […]

Asa is Three: Top Ten {Tuesday}

  When I put Asa to bed tonight (Monday) it was the last time I’d hold him as a 2 year old. *sniff* My sweet baby pirate is turning into a little boy. He still seems little when he cries for Mommy, runs to hold my hand or kisses his big sis “Eee-ya” ten times […]

Owl Handprint Canvas

Did you know today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Around our house, that’s pretty special. My son is our “baby pirate” and Lydia actually does a pretty good accent! Last week it was National Chocolate Day. (HELLO! How did that one slip past us?!) And besides being a memorial, September 11 was also […]

Theatre for the Very Young at the Woodruff Arts Center

{my blog is being wonky, if you the pictures aren’t showing up for you, just click HOME and then you should be able to see them. weird.} Remember my horrible puppet-show-at-the-library experience? In short, it was the most age-inappropriate, completely un-thought through children’s show I’ve ever seen. (Well, Staci and I saw one with a […]

Back-To-School Crafts

Today is my daughter’s first day of school. First day ever. I’m a stay-at-home mom and never felt the need or desire to put her or my son in preschool, Mother’s Morning Out or even Grandma’s house on a regular basis. We’ve had fun memorizing scriptures, reading books, playing outside and just being together. I […]

Oh, hello Friday!

I tried to do the 5 Minute Friday prompt for Gypsy Mama today. But after writing for 15 minutes and still not making any sense, I scrapped it. The in congruency of planning for Asa’s Toy Story *3* birthday party and thinking about what’s going on in Sara‘s life has me discombobulated. Will you click […]