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Thursday and Rockets

Good morning! I finally made pancakes this morning. Not that you knew I have been trying to make them for the past 3 weeks and either haven’t had milk or butter so couldn’t do it. But the kids are happily munching away on blueberry pancakes and watching Little Einsteins. I actually love Little Einsteins. It’s […]

He's Three!

Asa is three today! His Woody and Buzz birthday party went off without a hitch—well, except for the part when Lydia got a high fever and her grandparents had to take her to their house so she wouldn’t get anyone else sick and she missed the whole party! This morning we woke Asa with presents […]

Asa is Three: Top Ten {Tuesday}

  When I put Asa to bed tonight (Monday) it was the last time I’d hold him as a 2 year old. *sniff* My sweet baby pirate is turning into a little boy. He still seems little when he cries for Mommy, runs to hold my hand or kisses his big sis “Eee-ya” ten times […]

Owl Handprint Canvas

Did you know today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day? Around our house, that’s pretty special. My son is our “baby pirate” and Lydia actually does a pretty good accent! Last week it was National Chocolate Day. (HELLO! How did that one slip past us?!) And besides being a memorial, September 11 was also […]

Theatre for the Very Young at the Woodruff Arts Center

{my blog is being wonky, if you the pictures aren’t showing up for you, just click HOME and then you should be able to see them. weird.} Remember my horrible puppet-show-at-the-library experience? In short, it was the most age-inappropriate, completely un-thought through children’s show I’ve ever seen. (Well, Staci and I saw one with a […]

Back-To-School Crafts

Today is my daughter’s first day of school. First day ever. I’m a stay-at-home mom and never felt the need or desire to put her or my son in preschool, Mother’s Morning Out or even Grandma’s house on a regular basis. We’ve had fun memorizing scriptures, reading books, playing outside and just being together. I […]

Oh, hello Friday!

I tried to do the 5 Minute Friday prompt for Gypsy Mama today. But after writing for 15 minutes and still not making any sense, I scrapped it. The in congruency of planning for Asa’s Toy Story *3* birthday party and thinking about what’s going on in Sara‘s life has me discombobulated. Will you click […]