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On Friends…

I’m supposed to write for five minutes on my friends. Five minutes? On the girls I met when I was 4? The girls I giggled with at all the wrong times? The girls I gave flowers to at my wedding? The girls I worked with? Sweated with? Served with? Cried with? The girls that have […]

31 Days to Impress Your Kids

For the next (*gulp*) 31 days I’m going to post about some basics. The things I wish I could do more than any other. The small ideas and the big disciplines that I believe will impress God’s Word on my children’s heart more than anything else. Some of these posts will be practical. Some will […]

The Circus is Coming To Town

See that byline? It’s ME! I’ve got a fun CIRCUS-y guest post up at Tip Junkie today! It’s the first in a series, so go show it some love!

The Greatest Post On Earth

OK, maybe not the greatest post on earth, but I couldn’t let a circus-themed post go by without that pun! 🙂 I’m super excited to tell you I’ve got a guest post up at Tip Junkie! Yes, like THE Tip Junkie! I’m doing a whole series on CIRCUS crafts for kids! Today’s post is how […]

Movies: Top Ten {Tuesday}

{before you start: did you see I’m giving away a NOOK?} I am so glad the new fall season of TV has begun! We saved a few TIVOed shows for the summer (Fringe & The Office) but you can only watch Dwight talk about beets so many days in a row. So, we finally started […]

Relaxing & Reading {A Nook & Nestle Giveaway!}

This weekend was Camp Primo! For the uninitiated, that’s my parents’ Grandparent/Cousin camp. They take all the grandkids on a 3 day trip complete with creek-stomping, campfires and arts & crafts! But the most important thing for you to notice about this is that I DO NOT HAVE ANY CHILDREN WITH ME. My husband and […]

Orange Conference 2012 (*giveaway*)

Remember when I went to The Orange Conference last year? It’s a big conference that helps churches and parents link arms and raise their kids for Jesus. My friend Mary and I went together and it was so fun to see all the different resources and meet all the different organization and pastors who were […]