Thursday and Rockets

Good morning!

I finally made pancakes this morning. Not that you knew I have been trying to make them for the past 3 weeks and either haven’t had milk or butter so couldn’t do it.

But the kids are happily munching away on blueberry pancakes and watching Little Einsteins. I actually love Little Einsteins. It’s quiet. Even when it’s a chase or something scary at least it’s classical music. It helps me wake up slowly.

Which I need because this week I have been exhausted. We took Asa to one of those bouncy-game places on his birthday and they had this big squishy couch there (for all the lazy parents who didn’t want to go on the slides) and I almost fell asleep. Who falls asleep in one of those places?!

Anywhoo. Leo, Quincy, June and Annie are almost done running around the world with Rocket. I’ve got to make more pancakes (for the freezer!) and finish getting ready for school! Hope your Thursday is happy! I’m going to be offline this weekend, so I’ll see you on Monday (hopefully with the full details of Asa’s Toy Story *3* Party!)

Whatchoo’ doing today?


  1. I love Little Einsteins too. My girls are starting to grow out of it 🙁

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I also love Einsteins, that was my twins first disney show I have 67 episodes on Dvr, even now at 5 and in 5k my son still asks to watch it, we love the music, he has been conducting every song he hears since 2 and loves instruments, June started a love of dance for my daughter, she couldn’t wait until she was old enough for dance class…now she is in her 3rd year. I only wish they could bring out more new episodes, I hve them all memorized..Enjoy it is a great start to the morning..

  3. My kids never got into Little Einsteins. I’ve had one of those slower than molasses weeks. The last two days I’ve been feeling less than super, which means all I really want to do is sleep and let my kids watch tv all day. Not the greatest idea. Instead, I’ve tried doing “fun for them, easy for me events”. Like the park {that is gated so they can’t escape!} or a “field trip” to the pet store to see all the rodents and birds. Easy and free entertainment. Mama likes.

  4. My kids are big, so I haven’t watched them in awhile, but yes, I like Leo and the gang too….soothing.

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