Orange Conference 2012 (*giveaway*)

Remember when I went to The Orange Conference last year? It’s a big conference that helps churches and parents link arms and raise their kids for Jesus. My friend Mary and I went together and it was so fun to see all the different resources and meet all the different organization and pastors who were working so hard to get tools into the hands of churches and parents.

One of my favorite tools Orange produces is their music. My husband and I have used this as ministry volunteers AND as parents. Our church uses most of Orange’s songs for our preschool department. I’m in charge of the large group environment and my husband is one of the worship leaders. And sometimes we lead together.

(See? Aren’t we cute?)

Since my husband has to practice all these songs, he plays them on his guitar and in the car ALL THE TIME. And that means we listen to them ALL THE TIME. My kids know them ALL BY HEART.

I love that these songs are on the tip of their tongues. I love that they are hearing the same words of praise and encouragement at home and in church. I love singing and dancing with them in the living room!

Orange Preschool Music

Orange’s newest CD is called I Count On You. The title track is ONE OF OUR FAVORITE SONGS EVER! It was the theme song last year when we did our big Superhero theme at church. The lyrics are fantastic:

God you are strong
I am safe in your arms
You make me brave all day long
I count on you, I count on you

One! You’re the one true God.
Two! I belong to you.
Three! Yeah, I believe!
123, You are strong for me!

I love hearing my kids walk around singing this. And I love watching a room of almost 100 preschoolers singing this as loud as they can!

The rest of the CD has some of our faves on it, too: Hosanna Rock, Wherever Whatever, Good Good Friend and even a Christmas song called Happy Birthday, Jesus!

So, would you like to win one of these CDs? In honor of Orange Conference 2012 Registration opening TODAY, Orange is giving away I Count On You to two of you today! Just leave me a comment with your kids’ favorite song (it doesn’t have to be a Christian-church-y song!) and I’ll pick a winner on Monday!

And if you’re interested in more about Orange (especially if you’re involved in children’s ministry at any level–volunteer, part-time, pastor, etc.), please check out Orange’s website and the Orange Conference (April 25-27, 2012)! Registration opens TODAY (Thursday 9/22) with some fabulous perks!

If you can’t wait to win the CD, you can either buy OR download it now on the Orange site or with a subscription to Amber Sky Records!

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  1. We just started using Orange at our church this month and I love it! I would love to have more of the music. My daughter’s favorite song is “Peace Like a River.” She just learned it in preschool yesterday.

  2. We would love to win this cd. We need more music like this in the house. My 4 & 5 year old went to church camp this summer and haven’t stopped singing ” I Believe” since. My youngest sang it from the highest sand dune at the beach in front of everyone then took a bow. Precious.

  3. My boys have been loving the song, “He’s Wild” from the PandaMania vacation Bible School program they went to this summer! They sing it loud and often!I love hearing them sing (shout :) the lyrics: “He’s wild, He’s Wild! God is wild about us” at random times throughout the day! Makes my heart smile every time!

  4. My daughter loves “God is the Biggest” from Veggie Tales. I need more fun Christian kids’ music.

  5. Our kids’ fav song is “Counting on God”. Sometimes they sing so loud you can hear it in the sanctuary! Would love to win anything free – we run a zero budget kids ministry & love how God always provides!

  6. our kiddos favorite song is probably “Rain Drops”?? Not sure if that’s the official name, but it is not a christian song.

  7. My little boy’s favorite song is “Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho”… honestly, he sings while he acts it out, stomping around the playground. And it’s a must-sing at bedtime. I’m totally up for some fresh new songs for him to listen to :-)

  8. My 3 year old daughter loves the Rainbow song by Hillsong

  9. Jump into the Light by Jana Alayra. My daughter is still working on the jumping skill, but she tries really hard!

  10. We have been using Orange at our church for the past year and a half, I think. My husband has been leading the Clubhouse as the Host,the funny guy. The title track “I Count on You” is one of my personal favorites; I think these songs have a great message for adults, as well as kids.

  11. We love “I’ve got peace like a river!”

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. My almost 3 year old LOVES Amazing Grace. His Daddy sings it to him every night at bedtime and we have a cd of contemporary hymns for kids with it on there. He can sing several of the verses by heart! :) Always looking for more music to hide the truth of God’s Word in my boys’ hearts!

  13. I think my daughter’s favorite song changes frequently, but one that she asks me to sing every night is Jesus Loves Me. :)

  14. Libbie’s favorites to sing are Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Deep and Wide, and Amazing Grace. She really has quite a repertoire for being 2!

  15. We just started Kindergarten at home and our daughter sings “Jesus Use Me I’m Yours” by Jason Gray when she’ is cutting…warms my heart!

  16. You guys are SUPER cute up there together!!! Elias is loving anything by Third Day right now, but I’m not sure what his fav is. Donovan is still loving “Jesus love me”, especially because I continue to learn more verses… he always asks for the new verses first.

  17. My kids like to dance around to loud, fast music….so those kind of songs are their favorite. We love verse songs, so thanks for a chance to win some new awesome music!
    Thanks Amanda!

  18. Oh this sounds like such a great cd. I think I love many of my kids cd’s as much as they do… They always state obvious things so simply and honestly. I find myself lost in worship. :)

    That being said, my kids also like ‘grown-up’ worship music too. Their favorite song is Happy Day and ask for that CD frequently.

  19. My daughter is 4 and sings constantly…her favorite song right now is I Will Worship by Chris Tomlin…how I love hearing her sing that song…I pray that is her heart. She’s also known to sing the Do a deer song from Sound of Music. I am going to have to look into this cd! Thanks!

  20. Sounds like a neat CD! My daughter’s favorite songs are either Veggie Tales or The Little Mermaid songs. I’m kind of getting tired of hearing them, so it would be refreshing to hear some new ones that glorify God. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I’d love to be able to hear the music and to use it at church and at home! Her favorite song is “Every move I make.” (Not sure if that’s the title, but that’s how it starts off.)

  22. wendy okeefe says:

    My daughter’s favorite song is Chris Tomlin, “I Will Rise.” I love the song too, but most of all I LOVE to hear her sing at the top of her little lungs. Her praise is contagious!

  23. My daughter loves the Veggie Tales We Sing CD.

  24. Definitely Jesus Loves Me! We sing it all the time :).

  25. Our boys bust out the lyrics to Philippians 4:8, “Think About It” by Seeds Family Worship.

  26. My son loves to sing Happy Birthday right now. He sings it at the top of his lungs and then blows on whoever’s name he has inserted in the birthday spot.

  27. This sounds like a fun, worthwhile CD! One of my daughter’s first favorites was Let Your Light Shine by Hillsong.

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  28. When I was pregnant to my daughter, I am always listening ti hillsong music, and now that shes almost 2yrs old she enjoys listening it too. Hope we can win this one.

  29. My boys would love this! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  30. My 3 year old, Landon, says his favorite song is Get Back up Again by Toby Mac…I played it numerous times to turn their tears into joyful smiles last year when they missed deployed Daddy!

  31. Awesome giveaway! Our favorite song in for kids in this house is Wheels on the Bus. Our two year old sings it over and over and over!

  32. I’m so glad to know about a new (to me) music set for kids! I find myself singing them and thinking about God more and more when we play Christian music for our son. His favorite song is Self-Control by the Music Machine.

  33. I must be honest. I’m pretty sure my son’s current favorite song is the theme song from Jake and the Neverland Pirates! He and dad learned all the words together. :)
    My favorite song to hear him sing is Amazing Grace (with the modern addition “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free…” He learned it by listening to us sing it to his baby brother before bed. My prayer is one day he will understand the words he’s singing and be able to sing it to his personal Savior.

    I’ve always loved your book or music recommendations. You have led me to many resources I would’ve never otherwise known about. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

  34. Jennifer Nieves says:

    My 1 1/2 yr old and the girl I take care of are loving slippery fish right now.

  35. I’m not sure if the giveaway is still going on. However, I was excited when I saw this because our church uses the Orange Program.

    My son is only 18 months, but we have a CD of Christian Children’s songs that he listens to every night. His favorite is “Cast Your Cares” from a Seeds Family Worship CD

  36. Lindsay Hackney says:

    I have never heard of the Orange Program, but it sounds like so much fun. My boys love upbeat, catchy music to sing and dance too. Lately we have been listening to the music from the VBS our church did done by the group GO FISH. My sons favorite song is The Ten Commandment Boogie.

  37. My daughter’s favorite song is “Blue Skies and Rainbows,” and my son’s is “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” :-)

  38. Favorite song around here is “My God is So Big” by Ruth Harms Calkin. We also listen to a lot of Seeds Family Worship cds.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Would LOVE to use this CD with my kids and the kids at church.

    My two year olds favorite song right now is…”Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

  40. The kids at our church love One Way!

  41. My kids in my K.I.D.S. Church ministry love singing I’m in the Lord’s Army among many others!

  42. My kids loves to listens God Watches Over us, and hope we can have the chance to win your CD =)

  43. Right now my daughter’s favorite song is probably TobyMac’s “Catcha Fire” the oopsy daisy song. It’s so cute to watch her dance and sing to it! :)

  44. My boys would love some fun, Christian music in the house! Right now, they love “My God is so Big” the very best. They love anything that talks about God being strong :)

  45. My kids love music. They keep requesting a song from vacation bible – not sure what it is called – but it says “I’ll adjust my attitude to gratitude…”

  46. We’ve been looking for great Christian pre-school music – is it available as a download (itunes or other?)Thanks!

  47. Jocelyn Rogers says:

    We love “Shrink” on the Little Praise Party cd!

  48. My 3 yr old loves to sing Hillsongs’ Jesus You’re my Superhero. He just makes up his own lyrics when it comes to the “better than” part. Some examples, “better than optimus prime”, “better than Thomas”, “better than Woody and Buzz”

  49. My guy will sing anything, but current fave (thanks to starting kdg) is The Number Rock!


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