He's Three!

Asa is three today! His Woody and Buzz birthday party went off without a hitch—well, except for the part when Lydia got a high fever and her grandparents had to take her to their house so she wouldn’t get anyone else sick and she missed the whole party! 🙁

This morning we woke Asa with presents and a song. I tried to capture his first minutes of 3 with a picture, but the silly little guy hid from me!

{yes, he’s still in a crib…}

{and he’s also quite flexible…}

Today we’re trying to finish up school super fast so we can hit one of those indoor bouncy game places. And then cupcakes for dinner!

How do you celebrate birthdays at your house?

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  1. Don’t worry! Two of my three girls stayed in their crib until a few weeks after their third birthdays. My understanding is that as long as they’re not climbing out (and therefore, possibly injuring themselves), then a crib is fine. I hope to keep my baby boy in a crib that long too!

  2. My “baby” turns 3 next Tuesday… they grow up SO fast!! Happy Birthday, Asa!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your big boy! 🙂 My little guy turned 3 a few months ago and I’ve loved this stage.

    I wish he was still in a crib. He was my only one to throw himself repeatedly out of the crib before his second birthday. I feel much better having them contained. My second born was in a crib until after his 3rd birthday. It made sharing a room with his brother so much easier…

  4. I’m super late to the party but happy birthday to Asa!! 🙂

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