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I Love being a Tommy Mommy

My friend Jendi first told me about Tommy Mommy. She had just been to Relevant (a Christian blogging conference) where Tommy Nelson was a sponsor. She sent me a tweet and said, “I think this is your cup of tea!” And she was right! Tommy Nelson has hooked mom bloggers (their “Tommy Mommies”) up with some of their newest resources to share with their readers. You have been the beneficiary of some of those reviews (remember the Beginning Reader’s Bible and the The King’s Christmas List?)!

I love knowing about new products coming out of the Christian publishers because I want to find it for my kids–and to pass on to you! I’ve been so impressed with Tommy Nelson and am SO excited about their newest foray into the blogging world: they’ve asked six bloggers to join their team as regular contributors to THEIR blog! And one of those bloggers is ME! So, today my first post is up at the Tommy Nelson blog. It’s a super fun post about my kids, some animals and blue painter’s tape. You wanna read it, I promise.

And I’d love for you to subscribe to the Tommy Nelson blog, or connect with them on Facebook or twitter. There are some great freebies, fun posts and lots of inspiring mamas for you to check out!

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  1. Thanks for resolving the age old question of whether or not the dinos made it on the ark! 😉 I did enjoy it, thanks!

  2. Yay! I’m going to go check it out right now…I have loved all of his books so far and I’m excited to see the blog.

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