Upcycle Your Mops & Brooms into Puppets!

diy puppets

I know I’ve mentioned my affinity for all things puppets. I’ve been on Puppetry Teams on and off since I was in Middle School. And I just think puppets are perfect for kids because there is so much imaginative play involved. I know as a puppeteer, I am much more free to talk and be silly with a puppet on my hand while being hidden behind a stage! Kids will do all sorts of things when they think no one is looking!

These are some of my favorite kid-friendly puppets:

Mop and Broom Puppets!

craft puppets

They are super easy and just take a little creativity. First grab your least dirty broom, mop or other fluffy/frilly cleaning brush. (You could even go to the Dollar Store and buy some new ones for cheap!) Then pull out any craft foam you have. (We have 2 baby wipes containers full of them. And a few other gallon ziploc bags with giant scraps. I just can’t throw it away!)

diy puppet

Cut out some fun face shapes (we made 2 circles by tracing some bowls and a trapezoid, I think.) then let the kids create their own faces with the other foam pieces. (Of course, you could also use beads, ribbon, pipe cleaners, etc.) Once they are ready, tape them onto your broom or mop so your faces have some nice and fancy hair!

fun foam puppet

{do you like his mustache? and shark teeth?}

Finally, drag out your puppet stage. What? You don’t have a giant puppet stage? Well, you’ll have to fudge with some blankets and clothespins, I guess.

puppets for kids

Now, the kids can have it with their little…er, I mean BIG puppets. Let them make up their own stories or dance around to your favorite CD. But my favorite way to play with these puppets is for me to stand in front of the stage and narrate a little puppet show for them and let them act it out. For example:

puppet play kids

Once upon a time a little baby was crying. {Asa puts up his puppet and cries. He’s a great crier!}

Then the Mommy ran into the house and said, “Are you ok, baby?” {Lydia brings in the Mom puppet and says, “Are you ok, baby?”}

Get it? We all took turns being the narrator and the different puppet characters. It was so fun! I love hearing the stories they create and watching them show off with their puppets!

at home puppets

We used to do this same thing in Children’s Church and have the kids act out Bible stories. It’s hilarious when you say, “Elisha ran to the widow’s house.” and the puppet doesn’t move because the kid isn’t remotely paying attention, so you say, “I SAID, ELISHA RAN TO THE WIDOW’S HOUSE!” It’s very comical! You can add all sorts of funny things for the puppets to do and your audience will roar with laughter!

Let me know if you transform your mops and brooms into puppets! I’d love to see a picture posted on our facebook page!

bible craft

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And these adorable puppets are being entered into the CSI Project’s Boredom Busters Challenge!


  1. Adorable!

  2. Love this idea!

  3. What a brilliant idea! I love how cool those are ;)

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  4. Awesome! We’ll have to come over and play with your since we don’t have a giant puppet stage of our own… ;) And congrats on winning the CSI challenge! That’s awesome. :)

  5. how creative & fun! :) I would never have thought to use them that way but the kids look like they are really enjoying it & older kids could help create the face, etc… FUN!

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