Lydia is in Clubhouse Jr!

Remember our toast tongs for Mother’s Day? Well, the editors of Clubhouse Jr saw our post and asked if they could put Lydia in Clubhouse Jr!

We got the August issue in the mail last week and there she was!

toast tongs

See. This is why you need to subscribe to Clubhouse Jr. You could have a little Lydia in your mailbox! *grins*
bible craft


  1. HOW COOL!!!!

  2. This. Is. Awesome! Congrats!

  3. that totally rocks, squirt! (we are having a nemo day.)

  4. That’s so cool! My mom bought Clubhouse Jr for my 5yr old and August is our first issue. I’m going to have to find her in in now.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful smile Lydia!!

  6. That is so cool! 🙂

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