Top Ten {Tuesday}: Trashed Titles

top ten list

So much to say. So little time! (Remember that song?) Anywhoo. I think I started this post like 10 times. I had too many ideas but not enough content. Or enough time. Or both. So, ready to see my…


(I love it when I can get TOP TEN in there twice!)

1. Top Ten Crafty Things I’ve Done That I Need To Show Off To You

In the matter of 3 weeks, I’ve had my brother’s Housewarming Party, I’m hosting a lingerie shower and my sister-in-law is getting married. I’ve made crafts, food and decorated tables. You need to know about some of the awesomeness. Alas, I haven’t finished it all, don’t have any pictures of it or haven’t had the event yet. Sorry.

2. Top Ten Incredibly Interesting Things I’ve Read for #b90Days

I’ve joined the Moms Toolbox challenge to read the Bible in 90 days! It’s a big undertaking (but not as scary as I thought). And I have learned some crazy stuff so far. (Did you know Moses and some of the elders ATE and DRANK with God? What did they eat? Did God drink?)

3. Top Ten Stressful Things Happening In My Life & In the Lives of the People Around Me

Isn’t that a horrible one? I can’t really share them all with you because they aren’t my stories to tell. But it just seems like all the most horrible stuff you can think of has just started happening to all the people I know and love. (<—that was kind of a prayer request.)

4. Top Ten Things To Do With Seven Kids Ranging from Six Weeks to Seven Years Old

My sister-in-law is in town from Mexico. She has 4 kids. I have two. That is all.

5. Top Ten Foods I Have Been Totally Craving

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

Mainly it’s just this one. Thanks for pinning that and turning me into a Cookie Monster, Mandi.

6. Top Ten Things Bloggers Wish You Knew

I have about 4 bloggy/social media tutorial/how-to posts in my drafts folder. I just can’t get them to gel. Or congeal. Or whatever you wanna call it. Maybe a better title would be TOP TEN SOCIAL MEDIA PET PEEVES. But that’s kinda negative, dontcha’ think?

7. Top Ten Blogs and People I Love

I always feel bad giving you links to other blogs and posts. Not because I’m selfish of your traffic and reading eyes. I’m not. It’s because I feel like you aren’t really going to click them because it will be like 12,000 more links for you to read. And then you won’t read any of the Top Ten {Tuesday} posts.

8. Top Ten Cool Wedding Ideas

Not only is my sister-in-law’s wedding coming up in TWO WEEKS! We went to Nashville last weekend to see one of our long-time-friends get married. As soon as her photographer puts up a picture from the wedding, I’m going to pin it. Because it was SO fun. And she was gorgeous. OH. And there was CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON at the reception.

9. Top Ten Places My Camera Cord Might Be

I can’t find the power cord for my camera! Has anyone seen it?

10. Top Ten ohAmanda Top Ten Posts

But that feels like a majorly egotistical cop-out.

So, any of them sound interesting to you? Or has this post sufficiently given you all the info you need on those topics? Well, let’s see what you’ve got then!

Link up your Top Ten list and join in the Top Ten {Tuesday} fun! All you have to do is WRITE a top ten list, PASTE it  below, LINK back to me in your post & then start LOVIN’ on the rest of the participants with facebook likes, stumbles, comments and tweets! For better and more succinct guidelines see my Top Ten {Tuesday} page!


  1. You are welcome:) And I might just make one at “that” party that you & your kids can’t come too:( Maybe I could borrow your pans?!?

  2. That ginormous cookie looks awesome…i could eat one right now! Have a great day, Amanda!

  3. Is it just me or are most of those title reasonable post ideas? And I was wondering what the picture was… a giant cookie? Hmmm… interesting.

    • Yup, I think those are the outlines for my next 10 Tuesday posts! 😉

      And YES to a giant chocolate chip cookie in a pan! YUM.

      Thanks for the comment, Susan!

  4. LOL – love all the titles! I have several posts that can’t be completed but I haven’t even started them yet – they’re all stored in my mind (now that’s living dangerously!). Thanks for hosting – I’m having so much fun doing Top Ten lists!

  5. Great ideas! I really like the top ten places your computer cord could be… who can’t identify with that one? And I think I might have to go out and buy me a cast iron skillet; that pan cookie looked heavenly!

    {echo on Lisa’s thanks for hosting!}

  6. I feel that those are really interesting Top 10 titles..especially the one about the food you have been craving.. really enormous cookie!!

  7. OMG Chocolate covered bacon?!?! WOW! 🙂 I’d try that! Hope things get better for your friends!
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Oh… I wanna see your crafty post. Thanks to your birthday posts, I’m actually stepping it up for my kids this year. 😉

  9. Lord cover those who are going through terrible stuff!!
    I dont know where that cord is..but you could look under the desk??lol
    The bible reading sounds interesting..and large undertaking THE WHOLE BIBLE? in 90 that right? with 6 kids at the house for a while..hmmm sounds like playing catchup is in order..or acting out the bible stories to them :0)

  10. Oh, NO, Amanda! Did you really just mention chocolate-covered bacon with NO link and NO recipe??? And no picture???

    (Actually, I came across a recipe on pinterest that is pinned on my “Recipes to Try” board. But I wanted to see what yours looked like so I could compare!)

  11. Will be praying for #3!

  12. I want to read all those – except the camera cord one. That hits a little too close to home since I spend WAY too much of my day searching for charger cords . . . and my glasses . . . and my phone . . . and my camera (maybe there’s a Top Ten Things I Always Lose post in this?)

  13. I love the double top 10! Some of those trashed titles I would have loved to read too!

  14. Ruthchella says:

    Nice post!this made me stop and read all the post,In my own opinion Social media not negative effect in internet marketing.

  15. Oh my. That skillet cookie looks delicious!

    Thanks for hosting us each week!

  16. Sound like you have had a busy week. How do you get those blogs to gel? I have a few that I am stuck on. Cleaning out the boys books today, very sad. Choosing not to keep them all.

    Edwards Granddaughter

  17. I think that this article is very cool and unique.. i would love to read more of your posts… it’s great to know your opinion about certain things… this top ten thingy is very interesting though!

  18. That cookie looks amazing. Enjoy your time with family and prayers for those you know who are struggling right now. I hope 1 & 2 make it on here at some point.

  19. Haha! Love it! Looking forward to reading some of these when you finally get time to write them!

  20. Oh my! Chocolate covered bacon? Yes, please!

  21. I want to see what top 10 foods you are craving.

  22. Hi,

    I agree with Amy, I am waiting for your Top 10 foods that you truly love. 🙂

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