Collect for Kenya: UPDATE


It’s been one month since we began our Collect for Kenya challenge! Our month has not gone like we planned and our Purple Bread Store has been shuffled around a little more than we wanted. Our goal was to sell 33 loaves of bread and make $100. We’ve sold 14. It’s ok, we’re going to keep selling bread for a week or two. Lydia has not gotten tired of it! She loves it!

We made some adorable Purple Bread Store fliers to bring to church, to VBS and anywhere else we happen to go. We set up an online store at Big Cartel (it’s free when you have 5 or fewer items!) so people can order it at their leisure (and we can figure out when we’re going to make it and deliver it!)


Lydia’s online store!

When Lydia makes the bread, she is busy as a bee! She’s learned the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. She has memorized a lot of the cookbook and can make the bread quickly and easily. She’s missed watching TV and playing with her brother in order to make bread.

cookbook for non-readers

Lydia’s cookbook. See how many stains it has on it? She’s used it!

And the hardest part for her is delivering the bread to the people who bought it and answering their questions about what she’s doing. But it’s been good for her. She loves tucking the money into her little cash envelope. I can’t wait to take her to the store soon and buy the supplies for the kids!

It’s been interesting how many times Kenya has come up in the last month. We watched videos from Kristen as her family is traveling in Kenya. We’ve heard people mention Kenya and even read stories about other people doing work for Kenya. I don’t think this an accident. It’s just a little reminder from God of what Lydia is working for.

Did your kids collect for Kenya? It’s not too late! Clubhouse Jr is accepting donations until August 31! If you have participated, please leave a comment (or even a link to your blog if you have it!) and I’d love it if you’d upload a picture on our Facebook page! It would be so much fun to see what you’ve done!

bible craft


  1. It’s been amazing to me how many times Kenya has come up at our house & in the world around us too! I love how God works things like that!
    What a wonderful idea to use the online store to sell your bread. Sweet Lydia seems like she’s been busy, but doing so great! And she’s learning so much along the way! 🙂
    Here’s a link to what we’ve been up to…

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