Sidewalk Chalk Family Portraits {Super Sunny Day}

chalk portrait

Our Super Sunny Day continues with more sidewalk chalk adventures! This week’s lesson at church was Paul and Silas. Know the story? Paul and Silas were put in prison for preaching about Jesus. While in jail they began to praise God and sing songs of worship. And that’s when God sent an earthquake to knock down the jail! Paul and Silas stayed inside the prison while the guard is about to kill himself because he thinks he’s lost all his prisoners! Paul and Silas call out to the guard who is shocked they haven’t escaped! Their actions lead the guard to become a follower of Jesus!

There is so much good teaching from this story (standing up for what you believe, worshiping during hard times, etc.). But the point they communicated was that God loved the jailer just as much as he did Paul and Silas. God loves regardless of position, family or even actions!

So, the instructions from our Chalk It Up card was to make a Chalk Family Portrait! We traced our bodies on the sidewalk and decorated them. Then talked about the differences and similarities between us. And of course, how God loves us no matter what we look like or do!

sidewalk chalk portrait

The kids loved this. Here’s Lydia’s self-portrait. She colored her outfit exactly the same as she had on that day. And her hair is just adorable!

sidewalk chalk

I think Asa’s little guy turned out cute, too. I even tried to make a Braves shirt for him. Guess I should stick to blogging instead of clothes design.

self portrait

Of course, the kids traced me. And I don’t think they did a very good job. I mean, I know I’ve birthed two children, but do my hips really look like that?!

chalk portrait

But do you like my shirt? It’s for Impress Your Kids! Wanna buy one?

The activity itself isn’t very creative. It’s the conversation around the activity that is important. And that’s what Impress Your Kids is all about–inspiring and reminding you to impress your kids with God’s Word in every activity and every conversation. So, use sidewalk chalk or talk during dishwashing. But whatever you do, point your kids to God, His love and His Word!



  1. “So, use sidewalk chalk or talk during dishwashing. But whatever you do, point your kids to God, His love and His Word!”

    Love those thoughts Amanda! Sidewalk chalk is one of the world’s best simple things. Even my teenager still gets drawn into sketching on the driveway at times…and I have to say that the hip action there is priceless. Imagine what my hips look like after three kids!?!

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