Jumping Up & Down!

ok jump.

Why am I jumping up and down? Because I’m blogging at Kat’s Inspired To Action today! Kat’s blog, e-books and Maximize Your Morning Challenge have literally changed my life. So, I’m honored (more than honored!) to be posting there today! Will you join me as we talk about how kids can change the world? I know so many of you spend your days inspiring your own children to do just that. I’d love your insight and experience!

If you’re here from Inspired to Action, I’d love your to join our Summer Challenge, Collect for Kenya. It’s a perfect opportunity to help your kids change the world! Thanks for stopping by!

bible craft

photo by the incomparable Beth Fletcher! And obviously that is NOT me in the photo!


  1. I loved your post on Kat’s blog! I’d love to include on my blog as well, please let me know if you would be OK with that! Nice to “meet” you online!

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