Paint Chip Samples Crafts for Kids: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Do you Pinterest? Oh my. It’s a virtual treasure trove of crafty, yummy and design deliciousness. If you need a creative idea, a little direction while suffering writer’s block or just want to immerse yourself in pretty, you will love Pinterest. It’s really just a visual bookmarking site. But it’s better than that because you can see what everyone else finds Pin-worthy. I have a to-craft-and-copy list a mile long now! And one adorable craft I keep running across is stuff made out of paint chip samples. Like the FREE ones you get from Home Depot? So, feast your eyes on…

The Top Ten Paint Chip Samples Crafts for Kids!

1. Bookmarks! {you could stamp on these or cut with crazy scissors down the side, write Bible verses on them and more!}

2. Letter and Word Games {how brilliant is that?}

paint sample ideas

3. Color Matching Outdoor Scavenger Hunt {this is genius! and what a way to celebrate the richness of God’s creation?}

4. Color Matching Game {and with Mickey?! love this!}

4. Gift {perfect for Dad or anyone!}

5. Puppets {this whole post is awesome for rainbows, but I can’t get over those puppets!}

6. DIY Board Game {how creative! you could make this work for role-playing, telling a story and more!}

7. Colors Flashcard Book {more Mickey! love it!}

8. Garlands {any shape! any color pattern! so many possibilities!}

9. Greeting Cards {you could even just make patterns on paper like those wooden pattern blocks.}

10. Flowers! {i think these would be lovely as teacher gifts!}

Is that the most adorable stuff you’ve ever seen?! And the possibilities are endless! You could make all kinds of cool Bible verse banners, story cards and more with paint chips. I love love love it!

If you’re on Pinterest, make sure you’re following me. If you’re not pinning yet, what are you waiting for? When you first log-in, it may require you to be invited. So, feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me a tweet or email, I’ll invite you asap! And while you’re at it, anything cute you see on Impress Your Kids, pin it! I’d be honored if you considered us pin-worthy!

bible craft

All pics are linked to Pinterest. I’m sorry there aren’t actual source links below but I was having a fit with the HTML from pinterest. It went crazy. So, click through and find the amazing bloggers who came up with this stuff! I do not take ANY credit for it! I’m just a pinterest sleuth!


  1. I love these ideas; I’ve really enjoyed seeing your pins for all of these crafts. But I always feel guilty when taking paint chip samples, even when I’m taking a couple for actual home painting purposes. Maybe I should just start saving the ones I’ve picked out, and use THOSE for the crafts.

    • I was actually thinking I was going to ASK them if they have leftovers or old ones…like maybe discontinued colors, or old shapes or something.

    • I am sure companies can’t afford to supply crafters with paint chips. I envision them being less available to shoppers in the future. Unless you plan to buy paint it is stealing.

      • I was thinking of asking the paint store for their leftovers! I bet when colors are discontinued or companies get new chips in, they just go to waste!

      • I’m totally stunned by the irony of stealing paint chip samples and printing bible verses on them to use as book marks.

        • Hi Kristy! I’m so sorry it came across as in congruent. I promise you it was not my intention. I just thought all the ideas were so creative I wanted to share them. I mentioned earlier in the comments that if I were going to do this I’d check with the store to see if they had any discontinued colors, etc. But I’m pretty sure I have some around my house to use anyway!

      • Stealing something that is free? Hmmm

      • actually, you can call the paint company and they dont mind if you take them without buying their paint. and many famous crafting publications have used paintchips for years. its not stealing, youre just a stick in the mud.

      • I work @ Home Depot in paint! We do have lots that we throw out because we mark what the customer wants on one. It would be very rude to take all the samples of one color. It’s always nice to ask, we probably wouldn’t mind, I just remind the customer the store that was so nice to give them to her!! Same with paint sticks!

  2. These are amazing! I especially love the Disney matching game – so cute:)

  3. I’ve been wanting to pick up some paint sample cards just for the color matching game – but these other ideas sound awesome too.

  4. These are so cute!

  5. These are GREAT! *sigh* it ALMOST makes me wish I was still teaching K so I could use some of these ideas in my classroom. But I’ll use them at home instead! 🙂

  6. WOW!!! Such great ideas! Especially love the letter and words games for my pre-reader 🙂

  7. I love these!! I bookmarked an Easter garland made out of paint chips that I will make next year. Cute!

  8. this is so great! I love them all !!!

  9. Super cool ideas!! Maybe I DO need to start using Pinterest now…

  10. Wow, great ideas! Thanks for sharing these! I especially like #1, 2, 3, and 7! I’m saving these ideas to use soon.

  11. love all of these ideas! thanks so much for putting them all together! i have a load of things i want to do with the kiddos this summer and this will add to the list!!

    hope you are well!

  12. stumbleaddict says:

    Could you send me a pinterest invite? I’ve been trying to get on to look around since seeing pages through stumbleupon.

  13. So many great ideas, I’m going to try some of these in my art class at school!

  14. mommy2the3 says:

    Love your blog. Have used some of your ideas in my own small-footed world. These are some great ideas. I am a stay at home mom of 3 and a true blue Crafty McCrafterson. I love Pinterest also but hate the fact that I cannot pin. Ugh! Would love it if you would invite me to join. It would make logging ideas so much easier. Thx!

  15. Can I just say “brilliant” and more than one way?!

    First off, AWESOME ideas for paint chip samples. Totally fun! {I feel a Noah’s Ark craft coming on}!

    Secondly, what a creative way to use Pinterest! For now, I’m just pinning, pinning, pinning, not sure what else to do. Well, you’ve given me a great idea!

    Some gals from Twitter (Tara Ziegmont and vanderbiltwife) tipped me off to your site here when I asked for favorite Bible Craft resources. 🙂 Looking forward to digging into it! Thanks Amanda!!

    • Aw, thanks Christin! I just responded to you on twitter! I think I’ve done like 5 posts from Pinterest…there’s an EMBED button that generates HTML for you! Easy!

  16. I would love an invite! I’ve been waiting forever 🙂 thanks!!!

  17. It is not stealing. They are called samples.They are given away. The Mickey ones are actually stickers as well.Obviously have some wisdom in getting them, do not take crazy amounts, but they are made to be used. Or at least if you feel wrong about it, ask permission.

  18. Since everyone chose to belittle you for “stealing” the paint chips I will let you in on a little secret. =) I have a friend who does interior design on the side. She has BOOKS of paint chip samples. You can go to the individual paint brands let them know what you are doing and ask if they would send you samples. =) Might be worth it!! =) PLUS: Good customer service might mean buyer later. =) Just sayin’

  19. Ned Carter says:

    Stealing? Really? They are samples, they are free, and they are mass produced. Those Big Box Chains literally have boxes of them that never get displayed. Calm down.

  20. love love love

  21. So cool. I bet the home improvement stores love you ;).

  22. love love love! would also love a pinterest invite. Cant seem to get one! thanks!

  23. Lacy Melton says:

    I LOVE these ideas! I am a graduate student in Speech Pathology, and the word game is brilliant! Thank you so much! I would love to be invited to Pinterest – I have been trying to get invited but I never do. If you would, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for the ideas!

  24. Would love an invite to pinterest.

    Recently decided to homeschool my kindergartner and can’t wait to get to making the fun learning ideas.

  25. These are such great ideas! I would love to follow you on Pinterest, but I can’t seem to get an invite either!

  26. I am IN LOVE with paint chip art, and these are all great ideas! I especially love the flowers and the gift for a great dad! I’ve been waiting for an invite to Pinterest, I’d be so appreciative if you could send one my way! 🙂

    Thanks again for the awesome ideas!

  27. i don’t get how taking pain chips is stealing. they are free… anyway, very cool ideas. I’d love to try some!

  28. I came across this blog on the same topic of if it’s considered stealing. The woman called Behr and they said it was not. here’s the link

  29. I **LOVE** these (and ALL of your crafts ideas)! 🙂
    I’d like to Pinterest the Matching Game, Garland, & Flowers, but when clicking their links above it brings me to pages that say the pages are missing. 🙁 Help please. 🙂


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