My Kids Are Funny: Top Ten {Tuesday}

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The older Asa gets, the funnier he gets. The older Lydia gets, the more grown up-funny she gets. I regularly have to bite my tongue so as to not laugh at their adorableness. Here’s a few things from yesterday that made me laugh out loud (out of their earshot, of course)…


1. Whenever you say something like, “I don’t want to do that.” to Asa he replies with, “Yes, you don’t!” This works for several different types of sentences but always has the double negative…er, the polar opposite of YES and DON’T!

2. Today Asa and Lydia were playing “Mommy and Baby”. Their favorite game basically because Asa likes to pretend cry. So, here’s Asa on the couch pretending to sleep. Listen carefully for some really fantastic snores.

3. While Asa was sleeping, Lydia sat on the rug with my old computer and answered Disney questions. This video shows her discussing an answer to a question, reprimanding her child and then ignoring said child to get back to her Disney questions. I WONDER WHERE SHE GETS THAT FROM?!

4. They love to tell stories to each other. I think this mainly started when Asa was potty training. Lydia would sit in front of the potty and tell him stories so he’d stay there. Check out the one they told today.

5. Asa loves to do things for himself. And if for some unknown reason you do something for him, he likes to REDO it himself. For example, if I shut the door to the car and he wanted to shut the door to the car? He’ll open the door to the car and then shut it again.

6. But if #5 doesn’t work and he can’t redo what I have (shockingly) already done for him? He decides screaming is the next best option. For example, today he wanted to buckle the top of his seat belt. I did it for him because it was like 800 degrees outside. He started screaming, “I WANT TO DO THE TOP! I WANT TO DO THE TOP!” And then suddenly realized Lydia was not in the car but in Grandmama’s car instead. So he changed his scream to, “I NEED EEEYA! I NEED EEEEYA!” And cried that for the entire 5 minutes we were in the car. Oh. Wait. This was supposed to be FUNNY stuff about my kids. Not frightening. Sorry.

Moving right along…

7. Asa calls Lydia, “eeya” (see above). As in Lyd–ee–ya. We all call her that now. Lydia even calls herself that. I will be heart-broken if it becomes a thing of the past.

8. Don’t worry, I’ll take it down before he’s 9…

funny kids

9. They think everything is real. Remember our turtle? Daisy? Yeah, well, we still talk about her all the time. We make up theories about what she’s doing and where she is. And we call her Daisy. Like she’s a real person. Or at least a long time pet.

10. Really. It’s all cute. I know you love your kids no matter what age they are. But 2 and 5? Pretty darn adorable.

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  1. Very adorable! 🙂 and that last picture is just too cute. lol

  2. so cute…thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my! Too cute for words. You should link up with She has a kids are funny Friday linky!

  4. #7 made me smile. My newly-2 David calls big-sister Wendy “Nene.” He also thinks that when you yell, instead of cupping your hands at your mouth, you put your hands OVER your mouth. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see him at church, when the kids are playing, standing there with his hands over his mouth, yelling, “NENE!! NENE!!!” 🙂

  5. Number 3 had be rolling! My 3 yo will reprimand my almost 2 yo. The other day she bent over and in a firm voice told her little sister “No ma’am we do not do that.” I had to turn around I started laughing so hard.

  6. That picture is awesome. Just awesome.

  7. Look, you do write about day-to-day mommy stuff (I read your last post). My kids are 2 and 4, and I think that these are fabulous ages, individually, and in combination. Although the willfulness of a 2-year-old can be trying at times, the strong personality brings me a lot of laughs.

  8. oh my – hilarious #8 !!

  9. Wowsers, your kids are cute! I love that y’all talk about Daisy and wonder what she’s up to. What is she up to these days? lol

  10. That is a great list and a morning smile is always welcome. Here’s my Link for this week Why I LOVE to Grocery Shop with My Children.


  11. I love it, the sweet sweet moments that are too easy to forget!

    Somewhere in the middle of writing a letter to young people I have worked with, it became a top ten Tuesday post!
    I know you’ve worked with children and youth so I’m sure you can relate! 🙂
    Thanks for hosting the hop!

  12. What stinkin’ adorable kids – makes me feel just a little bit bad for listing my annoyances (though they are not about my kids). 🙂 It’s so nice to celebrate the good and lift that up!

  13. What a wonderful list! You are truly blessed! Love, love, loved the Future Moms Panelist!!

  14. I have 5 year old and 19 month old little girls. They truly are a bucket of laughs every single day (in addition to some frightening moments). I LOVE number 8!

  15. I love the last picture and isn’t it cute the way 2-yr olds have their own version of people’s names? Now you’re making me look forward (with scared anticipation) to when my twins start showing their independent streak.

  16. I love this. My son has started with the invented words or his understanding of words he hears or reads about. So we have minnesota for fizzy soda; handcups for handcuffs (he likes Batman); task for cast, and so forth. I should make a list sometime of his invented words.

  17. So adorable! I want to treasure moments like that forever because time just goes by so fast. I’m so glad that we also have a camcorder (and an iPhone) so that I have the ability to capture some of those precious moments.
    Happy Tuesday!

  18. The picture of Asa is hysterical!

  19. If you ever fear you think your kids are cute because of “mom bias,” you will be wrong. They are adorable!

  20. I love it 🙂 Ella used to call Kevin “mister” and it was soooo cute! I’m so sad she doesn’t use that anymore. “Mister won’t let me have my doll back” ahh ha! So fun.

  21. I love your list and needed that today as it has been a rough couple of days with my teenager. Sometimes refreshing my memory about all those good things helps out a lot. I joined in and did my own Top Ten for the first time today too!

  22. Your kids are really cute! Enjoy 🙂

  23. Oh man, my two year old does #5 too. So funny!

  24. My favorite was… “Yes–you don’t!”
    I’m going to use that line.

  25. September says:

    Love #7…you never know, it just might stick! Davis started calling Bronte “Sissy” when he was around two and a half and he still calls her that–as do all of his friends! He can say her name the right way now, but both of them like that he has a “special” name for her and prefer using that instead. I must say I think it’s pretty darn cute myself!

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