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Sidewalk Chalk Family Portraits {Super Sunny Day}

Our Super Sunny Day continues with more sidewalk chalk adventures! This week’s lesson at church was Paul and Silas. Know the story? Paul and Silas were put in prison for preaching about Jesus. While in jail they began to praise God and sing songs of worship. And that’s when God sent an earthquake to knock […]

Can Kids Change the World?

Have I mentioned Kat from Inspired to Action before? Oh, maybe like 12 million times? Her blog has really done what it says it will do–inspired me to action. So, I cannot tell you how honored I am to be guest posting there today! Kat asked if I would post about how my husband and […]

Jumping Up & Down!

Why am I jumping up and down? Because I’m blogging at Kat’s Inspired To Action today! Kat’s blog, e-books and Maximize Your Morning Challenge have literally changed my life. So, I’m honored (more than honored!) to be posting there today! Will you join me as we talk about how kids can change the world? I […]

Helping Someone With the Loss of their Home: Top Ten {Tuesday}

I promised this post LAST Wednesday. Too much stuff has happened. Let’s see if I can backtrack… Remember last week when I was at Performing Arts Camp and VBS? The geocaching? Well, that Tuesday night I was going to bring my niece home from VBS and let her spend the night with us. Then I […]


Lydia looking through the window and signing “I love you” to her brother on the porch. And her brother singing it back.

Sidwalk Chalk PAINT {Super Sunny Day}

It’s been too long since I’ve posted! I told you about my brother’s house burning down and want to thank you for the fabulous comments. I passed them on to my sister-in-law and I know she appreciated them. This past week, my brother, sister-in-law and 7 year old niece have been living with us. We’ve […]

How To Put on a Show: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Today I took my kids and my niece {<—tomorrow’s post. stay tuned!} to a puppet show at the library. Every summer our library has tons of cool stuff lined up: from knitting classes to movies to jugglers. And of course, I love me some puppets. So, instead of letting 3 kids run around my house […]