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I don’t know how I met Kelly. I guess it happened in the way of blogging–you link to one person, they click around and then suddenly you’re friends with someone across the world! At her blog, Miskellany, Kelly writes about living a frugal life, vegetarianism, natural and green living and her sweet family, including her almost 2 year old son, Simon.

If you’ve been around ohAmanda awhile you might know Kelly because she links to Top Ten {Tuesday} almost every week. She’s doing a Pond Party for her son so she and I are fun-party-minded-friends! She and Betsy did an amazing series about Green Holidays last Christmas. Overall, she’s a girl I’d be friends with in real life. You would, too.

And now, she needs some friends. Because a few weeks ago, after having some blurred vision she found out she has a brain tumor sitting on her optical nerve. Next week she’s going to Johns Hopkins for consultation and surgery. If the surgery is super successful, she’ll be in and out of the hospital after a few weeks. If it’s less than successful, she could lose her eyesight. This for a 29 year old woman who sews and loves to read and has a 2 year old! If this is the case, she will have to stay in Baltimore for several months and learn to live without sight.


My heart BREAKS for her. Can you imagine if this was you? Or your best friend? Well, the fabulous Jessie (who is also an IRL friend of Kelly’s) has organized a small way for us to reach out to Kelly. We’re going to buy her some pajamas. She’s going to be recovering for a long time and as a frugal mama, doesn’t usually buy stuff for herself and she wished for some comfy pjs. It’s the least we can do, right?

So, would you? could you? Can you donate $3 to Pajamas For Kelly? After we buy some pjs, we’re hoping we can throw a Trader Joe’s giftcard in there, too. So they can buy some yummy foods while away from home.

And we’d love for you to spread the word. Would you tweet something like, My heart is aching for Kelly, a blogging mom to a 2yo undergoing brain surgery! Help us love on her? #pjs4kelly

Or just like this post on Facebook? There’s a button right below this post.

Also, Jessie has made contacts with some etsy shops because Kelly is a huge fan of Etsy (who isn’t?) and homemade/upcycled items. Some fabulous shops–Moxie Mandie and Candace from Twiggie Makes have donated store credit for Kelly to use & enjoy. If you’re interested in doing the same, please email jessie at vanderbiltwife dot com.

And don’t forget, the most fabulous thing you can do for Kelly is pray. Pray for healing. Pray for peace. Pray for the doctor’s wisdom. Pray for protection. Pray for her husband. Pray for her son, Simon. For with God, nothing is impossible!


  1. I am unable to provide money. I wish I could. I’m providing prayers and spreading the word. God bless Kelly and her family. May the Lord give them comfort, peace and complete healing. And may God provide the doctors a steady hand as they perform surgery. May God give Kelly superior nurses as she recovers. Prayers and virtual hugs for Kelly!

  2. Just donated and will lift her and her family up in prayers! Keep us updated as you hear how surgery goes.

  3. Donated and will spread the word!!

  4. Brings tears to my eyes. I feel like I have so much in common with her it is easy for me imagine what she must be going through right now 🙁 Donated and praying for her and her precious family. Kelly will retain her sight in Jesus Name!

  5. My heart aches for Kelly as she faces this scary diagnosis. I donated and am praying for her and her family. I pray that they have all the finances needed to pursue the medical attention needed. I am agreeing with The Messy Mom for Kelly retaining her sight. I praise the Lord for the gift of her life and the life she has ahead.

  6. You’re so sweet to organize this. I am donating.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Did you ever realize how easy you make it for all of us to help others? It took me less than a minute to click the button and enter my info! Thanks for sharing her story. I’m praying Kelly’s surgery goes well, and I can’t wait to see pictures of her hugging Simon in her adorable pajamas!

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