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Best Under 5 Ingredients Side Dishes: Top Ten {Tuesday}

One of the best things about doing e-mealz is that each meal includes a side dish. I’m so very guilty of making an entree and then 2 minutes before I serve it up saying, “Oh. Maybe we should have some vegetables with this?” The side dishes e-mealz suggests are usually simple like cut up cantaloupe […]


scripture print by naptime diaries Making and Decorating Memory Verse Cards by Jen at 4tunate {great idea for anytime, but I love how she used it to get her kids ready for her big surgery!} Pajamas for Kelly {a blogging friend of mine is having brain surgery next week. pray for her?} Mr. Printables {fun, […]

My New Favorite

Photo :: :: :: Asa and Lydia discovering a turtle in our backyard. They named her Daisy, found her dead baby (named Mickey) and hypothesized that she was laying eggs under our porch. It was a turtle day at our house! Trip I’m Jealous Of/Adventure I’m Praying For/People You Should Follow :: :: :: Emily […]

Love Your Husband

I remember  watching my mom and dad hold hands when I was little. I saw them ride in the car together without arguing or bickering. I watched them cry with laughter at inside jokes. I never had a doubt that my parents loved each other. And their bond gave me security. I felt safe in […]

Bloggers LOVE: Pajamas for Kelly

I don’t know how I met Kelly. I guess it happened in the way of blogging–you link to one person, they click around and then suddenly you’re friends with someone across the world! At her blog, Miskellany, Kelly writes about living a frugal life, vegetarianism, natural and green living and her sweet family, including her […]

Toy Story Party Ideas: Discount Party Supplies {Partner Post!}

Asa’s 3rd birthday is in less than four months! FOUR MONTHS! I have lots to do before then! <insert rubbing hands> I had planned Asa’s first 4 years of parties…I know. It’s a sickness. But listen to how cute: 1st Birthday: Vintage ACE Party for our 1 year old Asa Ace. {check! It was awesome!} […]

Teaching Our Children The Art of Hospitality

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at The American Homemaker about a fun Shrinky Dink Garden Stakes craft, and I’m excited to welcome Jenny from A Mother’s Heritage: Hi! I am Jenny over at A Mother’s Heritage and am so happy to be a part of the Ultimate […]